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Alhamdullah I’ve gotten a LOT of positive comments and feedback about this blog, subhanallah, I’m glad because I wanted this blog to be kind of education (but in a non-stodgy sort of way)

I wanted to mention something about the previous post relating to abayaah quality, I ended up contacting one of the abayaah producers whose abayaah I used in some of the pictures and explained my feelings about the poor quality of the item and gave them ideas about how to improve their quality, I was a bit worried they would be upset with me and respond in a negative manner, but, subhanallah they were very sweet and understood where I was coming from. They plan on upping the quality of the garments construction a bit more and are going to try to come out with a line of higher quality and yes more expensive abayaat. I for one, am eager for that line to come out! Their stuff is cute!

Anyway, in response to some questions in the comments section;

One sister asked about peachskin as a fabric and other reputable sources for abayaat other than Zahra’s and will I ever bring up Niqabs and niqab quality?

I really don’t know what much about peachskin honestly, I remember in the late 90’s early 2000’s many of the jilbabs I was able to find were in peachskin, I was never very fond of the fabric personally…I found it was kind of uncomfortable in hot weather, had a slightly odd sheen to it and was prone to static-cling. But, I reckon, like crepe there are different grades of peachskin, so maybe some are better quality than others. Does anyone know?

About other reputable companies…Another good one is Tahura and here in the US, Al-Mujalbaba in Queens NY makes great, high quality items and she’s been around since like 1997 or 1998 or so. I love her Sisters in the Hood Urban Attire line For custom made items…hmm, Tahura does some custom made, Zahra’s ofcourse will custom make anything you need and Eastern Vogue is custom made but they have a limited range of designs.

Most of the companies out there have decent garments but they arent top notch, very high quality because again, if they were the prices would be much higher.

Oh another is good ole’ Al-Hediya, she’s been around for ages! Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of her gabardine fabric or some of her designs as most were popular when I first started to hijab in the late 90’s!! But for heavy wear, basic, everyday, non-fancy items her stuff is good. I do LOVE her overhead abayaat. One of which I’ve had for years and wear a lot in Iran.

About niqabs…hmm, probably not as I don’t wear them. En’shallah Umm Abdullah will make a post for this blog which explains Niqabs and Niqab quality.

Another sister mentioned something about Al-Laylat Couture.

I ended up recontacting the sister who runs this company and she said they are working on fixing up their web presence and are planning to make a less expensive line so their items are more accessible. We’ll see what happens!

Najea the sister who runs Hijabi Couture made a great comment about my post on Zahra’s and quality abayaat I wanted to share;

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Sis.,
This is a beautiful spread. I absolutely love the pictures. You really made a great point about fabric quality too. Too many Western people don’t appreciate the benefit of paying for a higher quality fabric – that will last and won’t show wear – when they see a picture of a knock-off and think that the cheaper product is made of materials of equivalent value. When you buy a cheap fabric, it only lasts for a few wearings. The more expensive material endures and a good cut will never go out of style.
I love your new blog! Keep up the great work!
Fi Iman Ilah,
Hijabi Couture, CEO”

Thank You Najea!!!! Could’nt of said it better myself!


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  1. Asalaamu Alaykum

    InshaAllaah I will start writing up on niqabs and niqab quality tomorrow! Nothing worse than a nasty quality niqab, I have 10 years experience of niqab purchasing so will share my thoughts InshaAllaah!


  2. Firstly, I would like to comment that your blog is great and thank you to the sisters whom are interested in my abayas.

    I must comment that I completely agree about the importance of fabric quality. I know it can become a bit confusing when looking for “quality”. You may feel like you have to take textiles 101 🙂 …but really its not that difficult. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a fabric that will last and is practical. I have an abaya that has lasted me 10yrs and still looks like the day I bought it. So here are some hints:

    Abaya Care:
    -If you must wash your abaya PLS use a quality detergent like Tide Total Care or Woolite; gentle, cold setting- Air Dry..Never use the dryer. Im speaking from bad experience lol
    I recommend dry cleaning for higher end fabrics!

    -Peach skin- is another name for a softer grade polyester, this fabric is used often in older woman’s clothing-withstands multi- washing, but color fades in time, not suitable for very hot climates

    -Crepe-ok there are soo many grades of crepe out there find the one that has the softest feel. I call it Angel Crepe just because it feels so soft . To narrow it down this type of fabric is often used in high end lingerie ..so silky you can’t resist it 🙂 Suitable coverage and hot weather friendly. This fabric is my best friend! AKA Maliki Crepe, Bahraini, Silky Crepe.. the list is long. Beware of imitations or knock offs …I fondly call them the flea market abayas for their crepe look and 100%polyester feel!
    Truth is some of the best silks, and crepes out there originate in Korea and Japan..although I love Malaysian. Top embroidery is India & parts of Saudi ..hands down.

    You get what you pay for. Well, not always but often. For example, you may pay 50.00 for an abaya but was it worth it and how long will it last? What does the stitching look like are their threads unraveling from the seams? Are the crystals really crystal or only plastic imitations and is the embroidery hand or machine?
    To be honest I suggest ordering from a private label or local tailor. Majority of my customers are private orders. Many abaya factories are simply that -ready made-one size fits all type of abaya- In the end it is worth paying a higher price for a real quality abaya that will last!

    I know a sister mentioned something about Niqab. I suggest the crepe or a fabric that has a little give to it . For full niqab a non polyester chiffon is nice. See how the fabric drapes. My fav style is the tie back half niqab with butterfly style hijab. Or with the nose string.

    Hope this helps a bit, I always welcome ideas and fedback.

    AL Laylat Couture

    • AsSalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah
      My name is Nailah and I live in Philadelphia, Pa. I recently came across a website where you were lending your expertise about abaya fabirc and the best ones to use, I found this to be VERY helpful!! Me and my husband have recently opened an islamic store where we live. I found that making the abayas myself is a better and cheaper alternative for us since ordering from other countries seems to be very expensive and time consuming. I saw your blog and came across some of the designs you have made masha allah they are beautiful and very well crafted! I am sending this email to ask if it ok from time to time that you lend me your expertise and tips on making abayas, fabric selection, etc. This will be very helpful to me and insha allah wont be much of a hassle for you. I look forward to hearing from you! I tried the email from your personal blog but was unable to deliver it.

      • asalaamu alaikum, sister I think you may be mixed up about this post and blog because i’m Umm Ibrahim who runs this blog…and I just did a blog post about al-laylat couture several years back…I’m obviously not the one who runs that business! sorry! I dont keep track of what happens with businesses after I post about them. 8wink*

      • i know it was directed to the sister who owns the company i tried to email her from her private email but it didnt work so i figured if i post here she would see it! masha allah I apologize for the confusion!!!!

  3. I second the ‘flea market’ abaya comment. Many abayas being passed off as top quality in the west are sold in Bab Makkah in Jeddah and other cheap markets that tourists rarely visit; they may be worth the $15 max they cost over there (in Bab Makkah some fairly ok but cheapo quality styles go for as little as $6) but they are certainly not worth the $50 or even $70 I have seen them going for in the west (sometimes on sites that are shipping direct from Saudi; so no middlemen to blame the hefty price hike on…).

    Peachskin is not the best fabric for abayas and overgarments; despite it being opaque, because of the way it catches the light it can be pretty revealing; and unflattering to boot, also it is very hot to wear even in the UK. It does come in several thicknesses but because of the smooth weave of the stuff; it is always unbreathable and hot to wear.

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