I am going to reply to a comment I recieved about my post on the Iranian butterfly style manteau.

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Well the manteau or mantoo is very funny actually, really not Islamique to say the least but hey everything fashionable has french names…like that ‘french abaya’ which is so tight and opened at the front…….I suppose the name francais makes it more appealing to ‘fashionistas’ another word I’ve discovered actually amongst Muslimahs……BUT do we really have time to waste over fashion????those endless pictures of high heels twined with an abaya, an assorted bag and massive bangles and jewleries are giving me a eyeacke and looks ridiculous to say the least, alhamdulillah I haven’t seen any sister dressed in that ridiculous fashion yet, maybe that’s only for UAE or other Muslim countries to be blessed with having some terrible ‘hijab’ (how can you call that hijab in the first place) high-heeled and arabian make-up artists:( faces running around in pastels and all sorts of bright colors having the nerve, YES the NERVE to even dare to utter ‘ well we don’t all want to look like giant blag bags??????????????????????????????????????? well looking like some kind of big walking christmas tree is better???look love you don’t have to wear black, but don’t critisize the ones who do and plus don’t call your picasso wardrobre a hijab……that’s making a moquerie of Allah.


Unfortunately I do not think this sister knows much about the Persian language or Iran. First off, Iranians have been using the term “manteau/montoo” for coats for atleast a hundred years if not longer. During the Qajar dynasty French culture became popular at court and all the wealthy segments of society rushed off to learn French. Similar to how the Russian and British upper-crusts learnt French. Additionally during this time many “foreign items” entered Iran and quite frequently their French names were adopted. Usually they have pure-Persian names too (manteau/rapoosh) but generally as far as coat’s go, Iranians use “manteau”.

Before the Revolution, a Manteau was just a coat…any old coat.

After the Revolution the Manteau came to be the Islamic overgarment that all women must (or should) be wearing when outside, whether short or long. It has nothing to do with fashion or trends. it’s merely the word Iranians use for Coat and because Iranian women must wear “coats” when outside everyone says “manteau”.

I kind of find it disturbing that someone would think this was a new trend and that it’s un-Islamic for an Iranian to use the term manteau. Good luck going into a manteau store and asking for a jilbab, abayah or a rapoosh…you’ll get weird stares…ask for a manteau and people will know what you mean!

The second part of this sister’s comment which, unfortunately resembles a rant should of been posted on another blog as I have yet to do a polyvore complete with heels and a bag. I never intend too as there are other blogs that do this and neither of which interest me very much.






I’m partial to the blue one myself…


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  1. I love the blue one too. How sad that you received that email or message… I think she’s talking to the wrong person because you’re all about practical and Islamic clothing, and Muslim cultures, not high heels and all that. She should really send her comment to the right person but even if it were you, there’s no big deal about putting high heels in a polyvore.

  2. Asalam Alaykum, wowowowow, i just bumped into your blog. The black one with shimmery stuff is absolutely amazing. Do you know where I can get it?

  3. Amina, sorry no, not unless you are going to Iran. This version of manteau is most likely a take off from the bling-y UAE abayaat but in the parvaneh/farasha style.

    en’shallah when I’m in Iran in August I’ll keep an eye out for ones like this and if I get any I’ll let you know.

  4. The sister writing this comment claims to be from the UK yet has several spellings that are clearly French (Islamique, moquerie); now either she has done this to mock the use of French terms for clothing; or she is French herself and self-loathing lol. If she is looking for polyvore spreads to complain about; you’ve got the wrong blog, love. Having said that I am on polyvore and I do it as a bit of fun and I am NOT saying one should wear these combos in public (plus it seems on there I tend to pick the uber-pricey stuff so you’d have to be super rich to afford my ideas mwahahahahaha)

  5. lol I just like the art of it why does it seem ppl have to get all critical ? Lets face it we all have our own taste of whats cute whats not…its art. I also like how this blog is organized and tasteful …Look we can go to the mall and get a shocker 🙂

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