Garment Review: Sona style Malhafa abaya from IB.

I recently got a chance to try this Egyptian butterfly style abayah from 2hijab.

I am right now really loving the Irani and Khaleeji butterfly styleovergarments because they are very very modest yet kind of unique and cool, esp with the fabric flitting around and they are very feminine.

Anyway, I had bouht an Isdaal from their sis site IslamicBoutique and unfortunately was NOT thrilled with it, granted it was cheap but the fabric and construction was pretty raunchy so I was a tad worried that this abayah would be shoddy, but figured because it was a special designer it might be OK after all.

Overall I give it 8 our of 10 stars;




Okay so heres the scoop on this abayah

The fabric is nice and cool, but they call it Saudi crepe when it’s not, it’s like a thinner, better quality type of crepe that Egyptian garment manufacturers use.
The construction is actually really really good, not shoddy at all. Everything is sewn and serged nicely.
There are zippers on the sleeves which are really awesome, great for when you have to do wuduh!
The embroidery is really nice and “funky/ethnic” unique without being over-powering.
It’s VERY wide and modest. There is no inside seam like in the Khaleeji abayaat so it’s def a diff sort of a fit. I ended up sewing an inside seam so it would look a bit better on me but you definitely don’t need too.

Overall, really fantastic, and the colors in the abayah emboridery go with a LOT of stuff so you can easily switch it up with a lime green scarf, turquoise scarf, beige, red…etc.