For the meantime…

I’m still working on adding more to my chador posts, so in the meantime I wanted to reference back to the 3 posts I did on clothing of the minority groups/tribes of Iran. Iran has a LOT of minority groups and tribes and the three I mentioned are some of the larger groups but there are also Azeri Turks, Qashqai (tribe), Armenians, Balochi and many many more.

So, in the meantime I wanted to share some YouTube videos of Iranian folkloric music. If you think that Music is haraam then please don’t listen.

Almost all of these videos were done IN Iran. The Iranian government allows folk music and classical music to be played on Iranian television stations and radios, they also allow women to sing as long as it’s folkloric or traditional music.

The first is VERY cute, it’s a Gilaki folklore song and dance from the Gilan region of Iran. Which borders the caspian. It shows agricultural and village life and note the mens dress is pretty common to villagers around Iran (button down “oxford” paired with baggy shalvar) and the womens clothing is fairly typical throughout rural Iran; blouse, short skirt over pants and a scarf.
2 quickie notes;
ignore the cheesy beginning-most Iranin videos have a cheesy b/g for some weird reason.
and…most women wont dance when men are around, but I think they just did it for the video. Rural women tend to be MUCH more conservative than urban women and would never dance where there are men.

This one is the famous singer Sima Bina singing a folksong from Mazandaran province

This one is a Loor folksong and dance (again, ignore the cheesy begining)

Slightly more “pop-ish” Qashqai song.

Kurdish folkmusic by Shahram Nazeri