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A friend and I put in an order for some items from East Essence, she ordered the bulk of it…I just got a really awesome abayah and 2 kurtas.

So, anyway, here is my review of them. The site is becoming pretty popular and I am constantly reading posts on sisters groups asking whether anyone has ordered from them and what their experience was like.

First off, the items DO ship from India and via DHL, they took about 7 business days to get to us.

The quality was MUCH better than what we had anticipated, ditto for the fabric used as well. I dont know about their polyester fabric abayaat but because we were ordering for summer wear we stuck to summer appropriate fabrics.

I got this abayaah-which, yes I know IS a knock-off of a Shukr linen abayaah.

Here it is on me;


Close up; it’s actually a very deep ruddy reddish/brown.


I also got 2 comfort fit kurtas in black and turquoise. These come to about mid-thigh. East Essence also has longer, knee-length ones which as we all know can be almost impossible to find here in the States!


The rayon-flax abayah is VERY nice and perfect for the summer, they also have the same one in Lilac. I wear a lot of black so this brown one with designs is quite refreshing and “summery”. The air flows right through it. The fabric has a nice substantial feel and will last well.  It’s A-line and one thing I noticed is that their items DO run a tad on the larger/baggier size. I easily could have went down one size. Though like all linen and linen like materials I will personally stick to hand washing and air drying it.

I was surprised to see that the stitching was quite top-notch. I’ve had some subpar experiences with Pakistani and Indian made clothing so liked that these were made very very well.

The shirts are good too, though next time I will get the knee length ones so I can more easily pair them with baggy jeans. These comfort fit ones will work well with baggy jeans as well, but personally, I prefer my tunics longer.

Thankfully the fabric is NOT see-through. I don’t know abouit the white, but it seems like a lot of Indianj kurta’s you find at the Boho/Hippie type shops are made of a very sheer material so you still have to wear a top under. Which makes summer wear a pain. These are quite opaque. The fabric is cotton and is quite thick and substantial. It’s not thin and flimsy. Again, I think these will wear and last well. These are cut a bit bigger and baggier, which surprised me because most kurta I can find seem to be very slim cut or snug in the hip/behind area.

<Note:  I DID remove the sequins as I’m not a huge bling on clothing fan.>

Here are some other designs of theres that I am drooling over…

(picture from East Essence)

(picture from East Essence)

(picture from East Essence)

(picture from East Essence)

(picture from East Essence)

(picture from East Essence- This one would be awesome for a job interview!!)

(picture from East Essence)

(picture from East Essence)


Update= Feb, 2012…Ive ordered from this company twice since this post and unfortuntately I was NOT happy with the quality OR construction of the garments! The cotton garments shrink and get wonky fast, they wear out fast! The polyester stuff is oay-ish but still, the construction quality is atrocious! Im a firm believe in…you get what you pay for! Id rather be “price gauged” by a quality item than “ripped off” by a kr@ppy one!  Which will last longer? Obviously the quality one…


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  1. I’d been wanting to put an order in and I will now. Also with a couple of friends. I am getting the brown poly-blend abaya, that first kurti on your “wants” list (blue with designs) and a comfort-fit one in lavender. You make me want to get the brown abaya you bought, but I wouldn’t know how to wear it. I’d just have it for around the house since this isn’t my “regular style”. Seems nightgownish to me in some ways, and especially to people I know and I might wear this type of abaya someday (I do love it!) but I will take it gradually by starting plain! Thanks for posting this review.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum and thanks for the post. I’ve seen this site but was hesitant to buy from them since they seemed relatively unknown. They’ve got some cute stuff and very reasonably priced. I think I know where my next abaya is coming from…

  3. I would like to get a couple things from them, but am trying to not spend more money! Plus, DHL always delivers to the wrong house because they use the stupid gps and don’t bother looking at the house number!

    • Assalamu Alaikum Sister
      They have free shipping over $125 and otherwise a flat shipping of $10. You made a good point about DHL service being bad. I think I will call and check with the customers service to see if they can offer any other shipping option.

  4. Assalamu alaikom,
    Oh, I’m glad to learn of this website but also I wish I hadn’t, because I’m drooling over stuff now, too! 🙂

  5. Assalamu alaikom:
    I just received my package from East Essence today. They have the most beautiful clothes at the cheapest prices. Quite frankly I didnt expect the clothes to be such great quality. I have bought from AlHannah and shukr before and their prices seem to be such ripoffs after checking these guys out. I did notice like Sister Umm that many of their styles are copied form shukr and arti zara. But with their prices and the quality they offer I think they are the best Islamic clothing site. I am just putting my next order through for my sister-in-law and inshallah am going to let all my friends know about this website. i wish I had access to this site before. I really appreciate Sister Umm putting this post up to let other Muslimah sister know about this company

    • wa salaam,
      I wanted to reply to your comment. While I DO agree their quality is MUCH better than their cheap price would suggest I definetly do disagree that their quality is better than Shukr or that Shukr is a ‘rip-off”.
      First off, Shukr is so expensive because of their sound manufacturing practices. As in they pay their tailors living wages and they work in good conditions, the fabrics they use are generally of a very good quality and the construction and fit is overall quite good. Personally I think their items are worth the higher price tag.
      EastEssence charges a much cheaper rate because first…it’s cheaper to manufacture clothing where they are at and chances are their tailors are not paid as well as Shukr. This is speculation but based on what ive heard about clothing manufacturing in India…I’m probably right about this. The fabrics they use, while *good* are not as good as Shukr.

      I DO like my EE tunics, don’t get me wrong, but the cotton is not as high a quality as the cottons that Shukr use…as an example. The items I have from Shukr will probably remain in better shape longer than EE will.

      Again, speculations, but they are based on how each companies items feel and wear.

      Umm Ibrahim

    • I ordered maybe a year and a half ago. The quality was eh-so-so… they seem to be reputable. Ive heard issues about shipping, but when I ordered I got my items fast.

  6. I got my Knee length Kurtai from eastessence.com (after waiting patiently for 9 days) and mashallah it is so cute. I wore it to work and all my colleagues loved it. I want to start my own business by selling their merchandise to my friends and colleagues. Does anyone know if they have any affiliate program for people who can sell for them. Also does anyone know how I could approach them to sell their merchandise. i do not want to sound stupid so am trying to get some advise from any sisters who have done something like this.


  7. Salaam Aleykum,

    Thanks for the post sis, The visual helped a lot :D! Alhamdolillah you were content with the order. I just placed mine a week back and am still waiting for the package. I ordered three abayas, one of them pictured above (*the denim one*). I hope they get here soon…Can’t wait!

  8. Salam u Alykom,

    I placed an order through EastEssence.com on September 6, 2009. Today is the September the 27th and I still did not recieve my order. The worst part about all of this is that I have been asking for a tracking number and only one employee was nice enough to finally give it to me. I just checked it out and it shows that my order is still in Delhi!! I could not beleive it. I sent them this letter below because I was so mad.

    To whom it may concern,

    I just received my tracking number. I find it unbelievable that I have placed an order on September 6, 2009 and your company shipped it on September 25, 2009! This is outrageous! Do you do this all the time? I have called several times to get a straight answer from guys, but unfortunately no one was honest except for *******. How can you do this to your customers? At least out of courtesy call me and tell me that you have forgoten about my order instead of giving me false hopes that I would receive it on Monday the 21st. I’m so disappointed, and I will not ever do business with again nor will my whole family.

    • well, Ive heard of this happening before…either they r fast or slow. Hopefully you’ll get this resolved. Thats annoying when a company takes sooo long to send out a package.

  9. My order is now in England! I can’t believe Essense did not even say sorry to me or offer me somthing. I mean this is bad business.

  10. I got PART of my order and my Abaya is in back order 😦 This is the first and last time I will order from this company. I rather pay a little more and get a better service. I’m just so upset right now. Enshallah this will be a lesson for me.

  11. So, I just got my order for an abaya today after waiting ten days to get it. (It took them 5 days to get it!) I like the abaya I got (http://www.eastessence.com/products/Arzoo_Abaya-187-9.html) it’s not too bad. I ordered the matching hijab to go with it, though, thinking it would be the same color as shown in the picture, but I was disappointed to see that it was NOT the green hijab shown in the picture with this abaya, instead it was black with embroidery on two of the edges… furthermore, the hijab was supposed to be square (40X40) and … well, it wasn’t. I can’t even figure out WHAT shape this is…

    Anyways, just wanted to let future shoppers know.

  12. I had the same problem with the hijab not being the same color as the one on the website. I would also suggest ordering a slightly longer length then your measurements because my jilbas stop well above my ankle. But overall I love the prices and styles.

  13. Hello,

    I actually ordered the navy blue jean-like abaya that you’re “drooling” over lol. Dont mean to burst ur bubble but unfortunately I was disappointed. It seemed as though the material was drenched in starch…it didn’t flow with you when you walk. Although it looks beautiful in the pic..it’s not as cute in reality. Just giving u a heads-up! However, Ive ordered other abayas and was satisfied with them. So i guess it’s just what you pick. Cool website!

    Salams 😎

    • No, I know…I realized fairly soon after recieving my items that their stuff is cheap for a reason! Thats why I dont recommend them anymore!

  14. Salam alaikum sister
    What site would you recomend? I just ordered from them glad to know all of this but now I wish I didn’t order from them. Inshaallah that its at least decent I was so excited.

  15. I see that they have restocking fees on top of their cheap made items. I guess you get what you pay for. With restocking fee I think they know their items are bad just like other stores with restocking fee.

    I wont shop with them anymore either.

  16. i been a client with them for 2 years and i have to say ,you sometimes get lucky with good quality and good priece and sometimes not then you cant retunr it ;1 restocking fee is 25 %+shipping fee +your shipping fee at the end you down 50% so you just lost your money to bad next time dont shop there

    • I have also been their customer for over 2 years, but I have never needed to return anything and yet I know that if the item was faulty due to their mistake, there is no restocking fee and they pay the shipment and refund you full price – this happened to one of my friends, so I cannot agree with your comment. For me they are the best Islamic Clothing Provided ever!

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