My verbal altercation with a crazy lady…



…You know, after my verbal altercation with a crazy JW lady @ the grocery store sunday all i can say is…subhanallah we r moving to Saudi. smileylaugh.gif

So heres the scoop…in hindsight, I could of just popped my ipod in my ears and ignored her or straight up threatened to call security, but I didn’t because I wanted to let her know that NO, she can NOT go around harassing people!

So, I was over at my moms all weekend, out in the sticks, enjoying the country air and quiet. On the way home Sunday we stopped at this grocery store in a small town nearby and I ran in which my son stayed in the car w/ my mom. Just to get some cake, spaghetti and sauce. I also wasn’t dressed ‘too’ exotic, just a plain long Shukr linen top, Shukr linen pants and a colored shaylah. I walked in and this very random, older lady comes up to me and says “where are you from?” and I said, “uh, here!?! why?” And gave her a quizzical, your crazy sorta face and then I said, “why you wanna know?” She said, “aww that’s nice, so your not tooooooooo far from home now are you?????”

I rolled my eyes and strutted off. uhhhhhh huuuuuuuh.

Okay so i get my stuff and I get into line and there was someone infront of me, she jumps in behind me with her 1 thing of chocolate powder and I turn around, eye her and think…oh shizer, she’s crazy. LOL

She proceeds to get downright rude and nasty to me, which…I heartily gave it right back. Wonderfully enough I ended up offending her enough back that I doubt she’ll try what she tried with me…again.

anyway soo…I turn around and after my heart sinks she says
“sooo, are you a born Muslim? a convert? did you convert because you got married? does your husband beat you”?

So i said, in a firm voice…that is NONE of your business…and each time she said the same dang thing, finally I said, “that is none of your D**N business” and thought “girl…it’s ON!”…

To which she said, well, i’m a JW and I want you to know that God loves you and wants you to go back to him! And she then said all kinds of crazy stuff which I totally blocked out because I was starting to see red!!!

So then when I realised she was going to be VERY persistant and not back off. I turned back around and said, rather loudly…You know, where I’m from in the city you DO NOT go around asking people personal questions, you dont know me, that is NONE of your D**N business!!!” she said, “So you did convert because you married one of those men…didnt you!”

(lol, I dont know why she thinks I must be a convert in the first place…what because I dont have an accent or something?!? LOL)

To that i said…you dont know me, that is none of your business.

she said, “well, your in a small town and yes it IS my business I’m a Christian women, I want to know!”

To which i said “It doesnt matter, whether your in a small town or a big city you dont go around asking people personal questions, dont you know any manners?”

In the meantime I ended up letting her go before me in the hopes she’s shuttup and move on!

Well, she started to get really offended because I was telling her off!
So then she started to say some stupid stuff.

I finally just was like, this is crazy and said “oi vey, what a shmuck” slightly audibly… (because in this fair city, yiddish is a popular language when your angry, regardless of what you roots are!)
and she jumped on that, she said “You were a Jew! yes thats it! you were a Jew!”.


I just said, lady, whatever…

she then said, “well your SOOO rude! I hope Barack Obamas father was not as horrible a person as YOU obviously are!!!”

To which I said…”I dont give a flying kr@p lady, I didnt vote for him anyway!”

She huffed and stomped off

LOL, what a psycho…

now, I could have gotten much nastier…but she WAS an old lady and I, unlike her WAS taught some manners!



5 thoughts on “My verbal altercation with a crazy lady…

  1. Ha! I grew up using a lot of Yiddish words and my parents are both Christians and both sides of my family have been Christians for generations. A lot of Yiddish words have made it into English, and in areas with a lot of Jews (like New York, where I grew up) the influence on the language is noticeable. Klutz, dreck, glitch, maven, nosh, noodge and tush are all Yiddish words that have made their way into common English.

    Jenovah’s Witnesses are known for obnoxious prostletyzing. I just avoid any of them who approach me.

  2. Asalaamu Alaykum

    SubhanAllaah you do get some crazy people. Usually I ‘turn the other cheek’ (some so-called Christians could learn a thing or two about that!) but sometimes its so infuriating you just have to respond.We have a lot of JWs here but Alhamdulillaah most are low-key; they kept turning up on our doorstep for a while; maybe because they realised Muslims live here; but they gave up now as I politely, but firmly closed the door in their face before they could get a word in edgeways. There have been some bad cases in the UK where vulnerable young Muslims have been taken in by the rubbish these JWs spout and have converted to that sect; and been completely poisoned against their family but of course the media takes it as they have converted and are now under threat of death from ‘the Muslims’; which is completely NOT true.

  3. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    SubhanAllah. Ugh. Alhamdulillah you’ll be moving. InshaAllah it will be easier for you.

    You know, in my small town, it’s actually easier for my family to get along with the “fundamentalist” Christians than just about anyone else, because we seem to have a lot in common…

    If you ever meet with her again, you could always tell her that if she wants to call herself a Christian, she should practice Christianity……

    Fi aman Allah!

  4. Salaam,
    Yep, having had enough rude run-ins with badly behaving Christians here in Indianapolis, which IS a big city, that I just had to laugh at your descriptions. I’ve tried ignoring, being nice, giving it right back to them; nothing helps when they are determined! And why do they think that by being pushy and downright rude they’re somehow going to convince us to join their church, anyway? Yeah, really effective, that tactic.

    … You’re a JEW? … I’m so confused by that one…

    • LOL, she thought only Jews use yiddish slang words…puh-leaze…a lot of words are pretty common in the American English used in the NE USA. LOL…what a loon-bag.

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