Blog hiatus while we relocate to the EP…

The time has FINALLY come! sobhanallah!!!  We have our Saudi visas and passports back (yah, only took 3 weeks) and our tickets and we leave at the end of this week for Saudi Arabia.  It’ll be kind of a crazy route, FOUR  plane changes, two different airlines and a toddler in tow it’ll surely be a joy ride! God help me keep my sanity…(any parents have good travel tips? Last time we took our son abroad he slept almost the entire way because he was still pretty young)

Hence…no new posts for some time, at least not until we get settled, adjusted and whatever else.Wow, to experience Ramazan in the Gulf, ‘Eid…wow!! I can’t wait to go on Omrah, Hajj, learn Arabic…and um, ofcourse shopping. LOL.

Seriously, I’m sooooooooo excited! My husband on the other hand is a bit pensive and isnt quite as adventurous as I am…but the thought of having access to as much fresh fish as we want, is you know, keeping his spirits up! alhamdullah!

Please keep us in your doa’at…eltemas doa’a.

Oh and here are some pictures I took  a few days a go (before we moved to a temporary apartment)…it’s right at maghreb.





One thought on “Blog hiatus while we relocate to the EP…

  1. Inshallah the trip won’t be so bad, though it does sound crazy, 4 plane changes, wow! I hope it goes well!!
    That must be sooo nice to experience Eid and Ramadan over there, let us know how it is!

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