We made it to Saudi Arabia…


we just got net access and are still adjusting to the 116degree heat and close to 80-90% humidity (yet not a cloud in the sky!) it’s sgtarted to cool down a bit at night.

I cant wait to start posting again and I’ll def post about what Im seeing around me…here! Only downer is almost all of the  incredible abayaat here which are made of a decent fabric and good construction (with designs and embroidery) are 1,700 riyals and up!!! sheer insanity!

sigh…oh and Ive developed an addiction to hair flowers…which btw they have small, medium and large ones…the small ones are cute and dont give you a huge bump that the large ones do and so dont look quite as “abnormal”…plus they look pretty and do keep your shaylah in place better.

(Photo taken from  geographica.org)

(Photo taken from geographica.org)


5 thoughts on “We made it to Saudi Arabia…

  1. Ha I was wondering if you could get those flowers online anywhere too, maybe you could start a side business 🙂
    Wow, I see why people are semi-nocturnal during the summer over there. Its only logical.
    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Are they not just gi-normous silk flowers sewn or hot glued to a hair clip? I like them just for being a flower worn in the hair.

  3. Some of the hair flowers in the UAE were enormous. I thought of them as “cabbage roses”. There could be two or three big flowers on a banana clip.

  4. Glad to hear you made it there! I don’t know what the hair flower is, is it a clip with a flower on it? I’ll have to go check out your new posts.
    I hope the weather cools off soon for you, It’s still 100 here…

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