Special abayah detergent

Didja know there was special detergent (or as they call them…shampoo) on the market just for abayahs and shaylah (or as Saudi’s call them…tarha)?

Well, there are…it seems like a dozen or more different abayaah detergent brands are available in any decent sized grocery store. Everytime I go grocery shopping, I  eye them and this evening I purchased ones.

Heres the brand I got….Alabaya shampoo (it shines and fragrances your overgarment!)


I used it on a silk  bist abayaah and a new shaylah. The detergent is black in color and is supposed to be for handwashing only. Apparently it washes blackness  (black dye?) back into the fabric and/or keeps the black crepe from fading over time.  I’ll let you all know how it ends up working, the abayaah I washed in this stuff was new anyway and hasnt had much of an opportunity for fading. It definetly looks cleaner and smells quite nice.  I’m not sure whether it’s made the fabric any  shinier or blacker but since abayaat and shaylahs are an investment here in Saudi Arabia (and extremely expensive investments at that!)…might as well take care of them.

Persil is another abayaah shampoo brand which  seems to be like the “Bounty” or “Kleenex” of abayaah shampoos…it’s everywhere and when you go into some of the very popular abayaah shops there are little tags attached to the garments stating that “X shop recommends washing in Persil abayaah shampoo”. great marketing idea…eh.

(Update; after I finished this bottle I ended up just switching to Persil, it actually worked better at keeping the abayaat looking nicer, although the Panda brand abaya shampoo was equally good. Some of the abayaah shampoos were strongly fragranced and they would sometimes make you feel ill when wearinjg the freshly washed abaya, like the above brand I first used.  Definitely I found Persil abaya shampoo to be the best with Panda brand abaya shampoo running a close second, esp in the musk scent. nice!)


3 thoughts on “Special abayah detergent

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum

    I used the abayah/shaylah detergents and was really happy with them. I washed the shaylahs by hand, but used the machine abayah detergent and was pleased with it also. Of course, I had abayahs and shaylahs with fragile decoration, and the Good Stuff dry-cleaned. I also dry cleaned nicer items before I washed, just because my mother told me that it helped “set’ the color. I don’t know if that is true or not, I did it mainly out of habit!

    Massalaamah, Farzana

  2. I wonder if it’s like Woolite Dark? I get that for my dark clothes and sheets. It’s supposed to keep the color from fading.

  3. LOL. We have that black persil and other brands as well; the detergent inside is actually black; but here they market it more for black jeans, t-shirts stuff like that 😀

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