Autumn is finally here!


yup, you know it’s autumn here in the EP when the temperatures are finally down too 100f during the day and in the mid-80’s at night. Weds will be in the high 90’s…I never thought I’d ever be anywhere where 100degrees means autumn is here but here, it is.

It’s now possible to be outside from morning until about 11am without melting into a puddle (or getting dizzy from the heat) and from about 4pm onwards it’s pretty decent outside, you can even run around the compound without having  heat stroke!

Although the palm trees don’t really turn any other colors everyone tells me that the area actually gets quite lush (instead of the typical summer dry, brown “scrub”) and the grass on the compound will finally grow!  Winter will apparently be particularly wonderful with day time temps in the 60’s and maybe down into the 50’s. I can totally dig that! I’m looking forward to us being able to use our balcony and maybe even sleeping outside (on the balcony ofcourse). The stores are already full of coats and corduroy skirts…I am still doubtful as to whether an actual coat will be needed as back in the states I’d normally either don a heavier weight jilbab or abayah over a thermal shirt and be good to go in 50degrees or put a sweatshirt on. Hmmm…

Apparently it DOES snow in the northern areas of KSA…as this picture will attest.



3 thoughts on “Autumn is finally here!

  1. I really loved the winter weather in Al Ain. It was wonderful – day after day of bright, clear 80F weather. It snows in the rocky north area of the UAE about once every five years or so. Families pile into their cars to run up and see it!

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