“widows peak” niqab from KSA

Here is a type of Niqab most people outside of KSA have’nt seen. I see this style of niqab quite a bit here in the EP, personally I think they look unique, “different”, a bit “exotic”…you get the drift. They also cover the eyebrows really well, much better than the straight headband niqabs do.


Here it is laid out. These are made of the same lightweight,  breathable crepe that all niqabs here in Saudi Arabia are made from, with ties, the headband isnt stiffened but is lined in a poly-cotton blend for shape.


I think this is my new favorite kind of niqab…just because they are so different than what is normally worn and they look lovely with a black crepe shaylah wrapped with the end peaked over the forehead.


7 thoughts on ““widows peak” niqab from KSA

  1. Al ssalaam 3alaykum wa ra7matu Allaahi wa baarakatuhu ya ukhtii fii diin,

    Baaraka Allaahu fiiki wa djazaak Allaahu khayran for writing this interesting piece. You are right about this style niqab, it looks nice and I’ve never seen it before sub7aanAllaah. I would be interested in one if it would be possible, wa Allaahu alem. Im from the Netherlands.

    Al ssalaam 3alaykum wa ra7matu Allaahi wa baarakatuhu

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