New ‘Eid abayaah!

First off…Eid mobarek all! En’shallah you all will have a wonderful holiday!

I’ll admit…I’m a bit sad because we’re not doing anything for ‘eid. My husband is away doing his hajj (I was going to go but then the Saudi Govt. said little kids weren’t allowed this year because of H1N1 and my iqama has not been issued-yet, so I couldn’t come…en’shallah next year!) and well, I can’t really go someplace by myself here. So we’re just going to chill out and watch satellite and eat cake! hehehe. I did call my family and some of our friends in Iran called to check up on me and Ibrahim. mashallah. Thats about the extent of it.

Anyway, on to funner things…I got a new abayaah for ‘eid!!!

It’s a very trendy style (here in KSA) and has 2 layered sleeves and a plain crepe “body”, snaps down the front (like all abayaahs here) and the inner sleeve is made of the softest, nicest silk-feeling satin in a really spunky pattern. The sleeves are the “wide kimono” style sleeves and so when you lift up the arms the inner sleeve shows.The shaylah (tarha) has the same satin fabric on the edges. I got it for a great price (after a lot of bargaining) and it was tailored down to fit me perfectly. I’m sooo happy with it! mashallah! I had hoped to get a abayaah which was entirely 2 layered but the ones I saw which were in my budget were not to my taste, this one though popped out at me and I was like…wow, I want that one!

Heres a ton of pics…

I can’t find my digital camera—again, my son likes to snag stuff and then “stash” them somewhere so I’m having one heck of a time finding my digi camera. I did use my husbands Nikon to take this but I haven’t figured out how to take better pics with it yet. Here are other pics taken outside on our patio this morning.

close-up of the sleeve

(when arms lifted up, some of the inner sleeve shows...yup, undersleeves should generally, be worn)

Nice huh…please say mashallah!!! I can’t wait to show the hubbster when he returns and wear it out and about.


6 thoughts on “New ‘Eid abayaah!

  1. Mashallah! I want one. Really cute, and I didn’t see any thing like it at all in the UAE. Insha’Allah, I’ll get on your Arabian Threads website soon.

  2. Mashallah, very beautiful! Sorry you weren’t able to do much for Eid. Inshallah you’ll get to perform hajj next year.

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