Winter is coming…but I don’t think it’ll snow

Winter is on it’s way. It’s finally getting down to the low 80’s and mid 70’s during the day here and most evenings are in the 60’s. It’s gotten incredibly windy and it’s even rained a few times-at night, then you wake up and whole blocks are flooded-heh. The weather though is perfect for walking and enjoying the outside, it’s bright and sunny almost every day and althought it’s a bit too cold to go swimming now, it’s the perfect temperature for jogging around the compound.

I was told that in about 2 weeks it’ll start getting quite nippy and will eventually go down to the high 30’s/low 40’s in the height of winter. The shops are stocked with polar fleece, winter coats and everything one needs to stay toasty. Granted, I’m used to *real* winters where you walk outside and it it’s so frigid it hurts to breath and your nose and hands go numb in 5 seconds. Now, thats really winter. But, I look forward to a milder winter than I would normally experience.