Oh, the cute things they say…

My son is turning into quite the trilingual. Mashallah.

He mostly speaks in English at home but understands and responds to Farsi (Persian) and is apparently now learning Arabic from watching a lot of Arabic cartoons and being in an Arabic speaking environment. It’s incredible how fast he is picking things up, mashallah, I wish I was so lucky! Of course, like all young children his age who are learning two-or-more languages he frequently mixes words and tenses from the languages they are learning.

Two cute things he said recently.

We were walking around the compound one evening last week, and he looked up at the sky and said “look, the mahi swims in the sky!”  Well, mahi in Farsi means “fish” and “moon” is a similar word; mah. Cute huh, that was such a poetic thing for him to say. He was probably thinking of “mah/moon” but couldn’t remember it. Hence…”The moon is in the sky”.

Then last week while my husband was away on hajj, we were at a small shopping plaza, sitting on a bench during the time the shops were closed for maghreb salaat. He was playing with our cart and an elderly Saudi woman and a female relative sat down beside us. The elderly woman gave my son a piece of candy. (In the US no way in heck would I allow my child to eat anything that a stranger gave him, but here things are a bit safer (I think), so he said to her (with no prompting on my part) shukran! She said afwan and rubbed his head and called him “dearie” in Arabic. He held it up to her and said…whats this? She said “halawah” and then he pointed to it and said to me, “Ummi, this is halawah“.

Interestingly enough for a Persian & English speaking child, he frequently calls me “ummi” in public and uses some other  simple Arabic words as well. Like  “khalas” and “yallah“. LOL…

The power of cartoons. mashallah


6 thoughts on “Oh, the cute things they say…

  1. MashaAllah that is so cute! We’re trying to teach Layla some Arabic and Somali while she’s young too. Its so much harder when you’re older.

  2. Aw, how cute! How old is he? Nora is also learning 3 languages (French, her main. English and Arabic secondary for now) and she mixes them a little. It’s adorable, really. She learned some Arabic in Egypt too, and now, a few months later, she still says “eh da?” when she wants to know what something is. 🙂

  3. awww what a cute boy!!
    If I were the Saudi woman, I must have given him big hug (if the mom said ok:)

    I am asian and my hubby is arab.
    I am looking forward to have a baby and listen to him/her speak. 🙂

    May Allaho bless your family.

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