Turkish silk hijabs…HijabPlanet is back!

(Armine Hafsa silk hijab-taken from hijabplanet.com)

Thankfully, HijabPlanet is back in business (now you can get you’re silk fix). Remember when they went off-line and the owner was trying to sell his business last fall/early winter?  They seem to be back alhamdullah! I really love the pure Turkish silk hijabs they feel so fantastic, work with most types of clothing and are really long-lasting (if treated well). Unfortunately, they can be difficult to get outside of Turkey and cost a mini fortune even if purchased in Turkey, but they have the ability to immedietly give you a very chic and put-together look.  You know, if I was independently wealthy and not in black-cloth loving KSA I would purchase an entire wardrobe of Turkish silk hijabs, just because they feel so fantastic. I’ve always admired them on the Turkish women I saw back in the states and occasionally here in KSA I glimpse Turkish muhajabat rocking a plain black abayaah with a beautiful silk scarf.

Anyway, the scoop is HijabPlanet back and  along with offering beautiful silk hijabs they are now selling muhajabat-friendly clothing from the Armine line! I know this will make some of you happy because there are quite a few western Muhajabat who dig the Turkish “tesettur” look. And fyi, I did order from them once, the hijabs were fantastic, much nicer in real life I got them incredibly fast (I think 1 week!) and they came in these neat little boxes for storage.

Here are some clothing designs I totally love!

(Armine Farah silk hijab-taken from hijabplanet.com)

(Armine Raadia silk hijab -pic taken from hijabplanet.com)

(Armine Baseema silk hijab-taken from hijabplanet.com)


10 thoughts on “Turkish silk hijabs…HijabPlanet is back!

    • Sorry I dont know…I assume in Turkey. But it looks just like a long skirt and a long khimaar to me. Maybe ask on a Turkish sisters blog or something.

  1. There are other factors then price, such as shipping and handling fees or taxes. Then theres quality – you get what you pay for. In my book Turkey puts out the best scarves at any price.

  2. Salam do you know of any other website in english that also sell silk hijabs, it took me hours to find your blog to get the HP and if you could help me get to any other sites maybe even turkish sites in english i would highly appriciate it!

    • Sister a simple google search for ” Turkish silk hijab” or scarf yields many results also there is ayzagursoy.

  3. wallah i tried and everything came up in turkish, and when i put scarf any islamic types of scarfs wouldnt be silk… but thank you 🙂

    • wa alaikum as salam…well what I did was go to google, type in “silk turkish hijab” and the very first page option was for hijabplanet and then a whole slew of blogposts from various blogs talking about Turkish hijabs, none were in Turkish because your searching in English. Now if you typed in “ipek esarp” which is turkish for silk scarf then you would get Turkish pages. Also, many of the Turkish sites, should you have searched in Turkish and got turkish results do speak English, you just have to contact them, also Google Translate has a fairly decent translation tool which you can use when looking at a Turkish site.
      Okay. I also unsure as to what you mean by a silk scarf wouldnt be Islamic…??? Ive never seen any scholarly opions from any Sunni or Shia scholars stating that silk cant be worn for a scarf. Obviously for it to constitute hejab than your awrah needs to be covered…not just your head, but as long as your scarf is covering your chest and you have on a long gown or long modest tunic and baggy pants or a skirt your ensemble would constitute hejab as its covering the awrah and conveying your sense of piety as a Muslim female.

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