Of ponchos, khimaars and other random things…

Ive begun trying to think of do-able ways in which I can bring more color into my wardrobe…as mentioned many times previously the all black is grating on my nerves. I’d like to bring some splash of color or um, at least have a moderately different look when doing out. Ive considered going out in a long tunic and denim skirt but a Saudi friend scared me away from that. She said I would upset the “black is fard” crowd and really, I’d rather not get into it with those types.

Anywho,here are some ideas I’ve thought up.

First; ponchos…

(Butterfly Kaftan from Shukr)

Wearing a long black poncho over a long skirt in either denim or a muted tone. The look would be a bit different and kind of refreshing, but not too drastically different from the norm. Kind of safe and conservative.

Or, wearing a colorful poncho or large shawl over an all black abayah. This is another idea I like, you can find huge pashmina shawls in bright colors everywhere right now and Iike the idea of draping and pining around my shoulders.

Another option Ive thought about is finding a colorful butterfly shaped kaftan (they are everywhere!), cutting it in half, hemming and layering over a black abayaah and shaylah.

Another idea is finding a fabric store and purchasing some colorful fabric and improvising. I’m slightly tempted by venturing into the mildly scary Indian/Pakistani suq area and seeing if I can find any places selling saree or khamees fabrics. I say these places are scary because the sales men there are VERY intimidating and woe anyone who goes into a shop to browse…they corner you, pester you and really don’t want to let you leave!


Two: Start wearing long cape khimars and either try to get one  or two made in colors (like grey and blue) or doing the all black and then layering a colored shaylah like this Somali woman does. It would look quite nice and kind of different and would probably work with a niqab.

(picture from Hijabs High blog)

Does’nt it almost looks like she is wearing a poncho over a skirt? Similar to my idea above. I have one black khimaar and one peachskin pea-green khimaar with me, both were given as gifts before leaving the states. I never wore khimaars in the US but I might start here because they are kind of different from the norm.

I know I could just get another abayaah with more color and don’t get me wrong I DO LOVE the Saudi abayaat…esp the trendy ones…but it’s just the lack of choice annoys me and not seeing anything very different I find bothersome. After all…isn’t variety the spice of life?

What do you all think?


4 thoughts on “Of ponchos, khimaars and other random things…

  1. I lot of the Somali and Nigerian sisters wear the long khimars. The openings are generally wide enough that you can just pull them down like a poncho instead of wearing 2 hijabs over your head. There are some the Somalis sell here in the U.S. that have beautiful patterns on the fabric, but sadly I haven’t seen any like that for sale online. I think that the butterly kaftan is also a beautiful idea.

  2. Masha’Allah, you have a lot of great ideas! As you said, it is best to start out a bit cautiously. I have read some of the “black is fard” out of KSA, and some object to the amount of color in abayaah now!

  3. I love the poncho idea! And I never noticed that Shukr sells them? I have a nursing poncho I bought so I can breastfeed the baby while I’m out and about, and sometimes I just keep it on afterwards because it’s not half bad, but I’m always feeling like it’s too short. That poncho from shukr would work perfectly hehe 🙂

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