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This is always a great time of year to peruse the Islamic clothing sites online and see what the newest designs are for the season and upcoming warmer months and of course just to oogle at all the fantastic clothing out there.

Ive recently been stumbling upon some very trendy and youthful jilbab designs popping up all over the place! I can remember when jilbabs were pretty much the default over garment choice in the USA and almost no one knew what an abayah was! I remember when most jilbabs were heavily pleated and gave one a puffy, potato-sack appearance usually preferred by grandmothers or had huge shoulder pads and looked like a poorly made suit jacket. I think this is what caused their popularity to be eclipsed by the more streamline and slenderizing abayaat coming out of the Gulf countries. But, like all things fashion related I can foresee jilbabs coming back as a popular trend with a much more streamline, youthful cut with a bit of a playful look.

Here are some I came across that I really like.

First some Turkish style jilbabs (called Pardesu in Turkish). Turkish jilbabs tend to have a softer feel and look and tend to be designed more like trenchcoats and other types of outerwear. Back in the US I would often see Turkish women wearing these styles where the jilbabs was mid-calf to upper-ankle length (not floor sweeping like Syrian/Jordanian jilbabs) and worn over a funky skirt or baggy pants. Only bad thing about Turkish jilbabs is they tend to run on the slimmer side although these ones from PrimoModa have a few in plus-size.

(jilbab from primomoda.com)

(jilbab from primomoda.com)

(jilbab from primomoda.com)

Here are some nice ones from Shukr which are styled after the Syrian jilbabs only made in natural fabrics and the shape and fit is a bit softer.

This one is my favorite out of all of them…

(jilbab from Shukr)

(jilbab from shukr)

(jilbab from shukr)

There are some other websites that have a range of jilbabs. There is  Sajeda based in Jordan which tends to have the widest range of jilbab designs and they constantly change their stock. Unfortunately, if youre plus-sized you’ll be hardpressed to find a cute looking jilbab from them. Most of the stylish designs are in very tiny, ultra-petite sizes.

USA-based AlHannah has a huge range of jilbabs from Jordan. Most are available in plus sizes only real downer to them is their variety does not change often and most of what they have is quite bland and “traditional”. I have this Jordanian jilbab in a thick cord material that I bought from them last winter. I wore it a lot last spring semester, it came with baggy pants (although I rarely wore them, I found them to be too hot, esp when sitting in class so I normally wore this jilbab with jeans) and was incredibly warm yet very soft and wearable. Also the design was a bit youthful and it wasnt expensive at all. I really do wish I had brought this jilbab with me…

(jilbab from alhannah.com)

Lastly, HijabPlanet will sell the Turkish Aker brand clothing and I’m sure  that pardesu will feature prominently and Lebaas out of the UK has interesting jilbab/abayah hybrid style overgarment

I couldnt end this blog without these really really unique pardesu from Turkey. (p.s. don’t ask me how to purchase them as I haven’t any idea…I can’t read Turkish! sorry!)

(wow! red brocade from Dantel!)

(Dantel pardesu)

(mumine pardesu)

(Mumine pardesu)


And now, just like the song that never ends…this is the post that never ends…an assortment of random pictures of Syrian women wearing jilbabs. I add this because Ive had several individuals comment that they don’t know how a jilbab would actually look on someone other than a Sajeda mannequin!

(Syrian woman in Jilbab)

(Syrian woman in a burgundy jilbab)

(Syrian women saying salaat in jilbab)

(Syrian woman in jilbab)


7 thoughts on “Sweet jilbabs

  1. I am LOVING those jilbabs from Primo Moda! I don’t have any jilbabs because the only ones I have seen are the “grandma” style ones with the shoulder pads. You’ve inspired me to get one 🙂

  2. I absolutely love jilbabs; I think they are so much better looking than abayas (not to say that abayas aren’t pretty). All of these are gorgeous!

  3. salam.

    im very interested with primomoda jilbab. how i can get it in malaysia?
    pls notice me as soon as possible:)


    • Sister, this is a fashion blog not the PrimoModa company website, you need to actually go to their website and contact them.

  4. Yeah, as a young muslima I like pardesu.because it look modern and nice but have color not like black abaya that I have.I think I should thinking of buying pardesu..

  5. Assalaam alaikum, i came across this blog in my search for jilbabs. since i had my baby i have put on weight and my old jilbabs no longer fit! has anyone seen/ordered from this website: http://www.hijabyonline.com. they seem to have a lot of denim jilbabs and are offering an incredible free shipping on all orders. sounds too good to be true…

    • wa salaam…yes I believe they are legit. Sajeda is also in Jordan and sometimes has free shipping during the holidays….many places do as they want to increase business before the eids…?

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