um, eww!?!

I was trying to find out what the current trends are in Turkish fashion this evening (I’m planning to get a pale colored manteau or jilbab made in the next week or so) and went onto Flickr and typed in ‘esarp‘ which is what Turkish speakers use for the headscarf. I figured I’d see pictures of Turkish muhajabat and I can oogle their pardesu (manteau/jilbabs).

well, hardly…there are like a bazillion slightly freaky-strange pictures of Turkish and Moroccan women in Amsterdam taken from the back and there are some women which have like  3-4  pictures of them which makes me think the photographer was following them around way too much! Sure some of the muhajabat have on snuggly fitting jackets and coats but still…how creepy. Especially when one figures in all the pictures of young Turkish moms, pushing strollers and then in the comments you read “yummy”.


I learned an important lesson looking at these slightly creepy pictures…always double check to make sure the rump is well covered in swishy fabric because even if it looks okay from the front…who knows whether it’s OK from the back.

case in point…

…and ahem, um, do I live under a rock or something but whats with the trend of short skirts with tights and hijab? I have never seen that before in real life! I know back in the states I never saw that, ditto for Iran (oh heck no!) and definetly not here. I’m just not feeling it, personally, on so many levels. Ah, the wonders of cultural hijab!

I think I’ll just stick to having something fairly mainstream duplicated for me. LOL It’s easier.


6 thoughts on “um, eww!?!

  1. Awful! I know what you mean it’s like what’s the point? I see many young girls here in michigan that wear tight skinny jeans a snug sweatshirt and a scarf. My husband and I just shake our heads and make dua that they will see the error of their ways.
    On the short skirt and tights pic, the tights look more like leather leggings. So wrong on soooo many levels.

  2. Ah, the double check!! It’s so hard to check the back! Drives me crazy sometimes. Luckly now I have one of those closets with two mirrors so I can check if everything is fine in the back. 🙂

  3. Assalamu alaikom,
    I’ve stumbled upon the fetishists before… It freaks me out. I’ve also accidentally stumbled upon the fact that there are men that take pictures of women in almost any category/circumstance. I was trying to find pictures of a local festival I had attended, and I found a bunch of pictures that men had taken of women in public who were unknowingly exposing themselves. Like, a woman bent over doing a chalk drawing (from the festival), her cleavage and bra were visible, so instead of being decent and looking away, this dude took a bunch of photos and posted them online. Yeah, kinda makes me lose all faith in man that “hobbies” of this nature are apparently so popular.

    If I ever catch someone following my daughter around and taking her pictures… It’s going to get ugly fast.

  4. Just wanted to say that I’ve loved reading your blog. I’m not muslim, but I’ve happily spent the last couple hours devouring what you say and cooing over the beautiful designs. Thanks for making my evening a little more interesting!

  5. those outfits are just… wrong! they might as well remove the headscarf because what they are wearing is not hijab. *sigh* i wish the ladies wouldn’t follow every trend out there!

  6. That’s really creepy. I’d spazz out if I saw pics of me online without my permission. And I can kinda understand why most of the outfits would be seen as ‘ok’ in these girls eyes but the girl on the left on the last pic… Ummmmmmmmmmm… What?

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