Better pictures of the hair flowers…

I’m busy updating AT, but I wanted to share these pictures I had my husband take of one of my hair flowers.

***Here is a picture of one worn a “bit” higher on the head.

(How one would look with an abaya)

**And two pictures showing the hair flower when worn. Obviously this clip is being worn a big higher than I normally would do so as I put it over a shaylah for illustration purposes.

(Showing green hair flower when worn)


11 thoughts on “Better pictures of the hair flowers…

  1. Cool I love it! I think though they are definitely better under the hijab, not sure if I’d wear it as a regular hair clip. Do women actually do that?

  2. I agree with “otowi”
    Although those flowers have been and still are the craze here in Kuwait, many are starting to change that fashion due to the camel-hump hijab hadith

  3. As slaamualaikum!!

    i was googling and i came across ur site! and i was wondering if u sold the flower clips? all mine broke =/ and i need a few inshaallah. let me know 😀

    Jazakaallahu khair!!


    • well, I can get them…and I used to sell them on my store BUT, guess what, they tend to break during shipping and really, when you get down to it, a waste of money-eso when shipping, etc is figured in.


  4. As slaamualaikum!! … Masha’Allah ive been looking for these flower hair clips for so long… was wondering how i can get hold of them, i dont think they sell any in london 😦 … could you let me know thanks …

    • en’shallah Arabian Threads will be starting again shortly, i do intend to start to carry hair flowers, if you want me to place you on my mailing list, let me know and I will do so.

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