Pretty new shaylah…

Since coming here I haven’t bought too many embroidered Saudi style shaylahs, because darnit, they are really expensive!

Strangely, It’s easy to get colorful shaylahs and they are generally  inexpensive and most are quite lovely (yet, only ever really worn by expats!) and it’s possible to get Saudi shaylahs with simplier designs on them from less expensive shops (sort of like if Walmart made Saudi shaylahs), like some lace or whatnot is sewn onto the end and you can also find Emirate shaylahs from the Adora brand and although they are gorgeous, they are more suited to the Emirate taste in that they tend to be flashier, shorter and narrower and made of  a thinner crepe. Still beautiful but not entirely to my taste (I do own one though, for the bling effect!). Don’t get me wrong, they are all really beautiful. But, Ive only purchased a few NICE, high quality, embroidered Saudi crepe shaylahs.

Here is my latest acquisition, it was 75% off at the shaylah boutique I purchased it at! Pretty much everything else in the boutique was without a doubt rather obscenely priced! (If most western Muslims knew how much the designer Saudi shaylahs were they would not be able to believe it!)

It is rather pretty, don’t you think? Im keeping it for nicer occasions and of course, will not be for everyday wear! I picked it because it has a very big chunky design and really stands out, yet it’s “sweet” and kind of down-home-y and has a lot of different textures and colors!

I saw some lovely shaylahs with swarovsky crystal elements on them and was surprised to learn that one with a few sprinklings along one edge was a whopping $100 (after sale price!), um yah! I obviously hung it back up! I kept asking the salesclerk, excuse me? Its how much! why!?! The guy working in the shop kept saying “swarovsky, swarovsky” and it took me a few seconds to register in my brain! Other ones with hand embroidery were almost as much!

Ah yes, shaylah boutiques!


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  1. If you need something to kill time while you’re in KSA, the thread and Swarowski crystals needed to make shaylas like that are relatively inexpensive in the US, and embroidery is an easy skill to learn.

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