A new style of overhead..”the hooded” overhead abaya

Seriously…check this overhead out!

Its a “Hoodie” overhead abaya…it works equally well as a shoulder abaya and an overhead! New to the market…I think this is a really unique-looking overhead and, of course I totally snagged one for  the store *evil cackle*

I can remember the first time I saw this kind of an overhead I was in a very expensive Mall store and I just sort of gazed at it really confused like. Like, hmm…Okay so it’s a shoulder abaya with a huge shawl like piece…

Then I saw some Saudi women wearing them with their niqabs and I was like…okay, that looks insanely cool, like an overhead but sort of with more “billow”…

What do you all think? I just asked a Saudi friend and she *thinks* they are called Abaya maghrebia…what an apt name…hehehe.

(“Hoodie” overhead sleeved abaya

(“Hoodie” style overhead sleeved abaya

(“Hoodie” style overhead sleeved abaya)


11 thoughts on “A new style of overhead..”the hooded” overhead abaya

  1. Mashallah. This is fantastic!!!! Usually overheads remind me of when kids stick their heads in their sweaters and walk around all crazy. Chador doesn’t-must be the sleeves… Anyway this is really nice, and rather goth… Love it!

  2. Oh nice mashaAllah!!

    I guess maghrebia because they tend to wear hooded abayaat in Morocco?

    Anyway, I like the look, thumbs up! 😛

  3. I don’t think of this as an overhead abaya. A hooded abaya or with some kind of “cape”, maybe. But to me, one of the purposes of an overhead abaya is that by the way it drapes over the head, it is less revealing than shoulder abaya – I don’t think that could be claimed here just by adding a hood – the body shape is not changed at all.

    That being said, I think it is fine, not sure I’d want one, I’d need to see it in person I think.

    • As I mentioned to the other sister, when the overhead piece is worn up and pinned to the hejab (so it doesnt slide down) it does do a fairly decent job of keeping the abaya away from the body and has a similar “look” and “fit” to a regular sleeved overhead. Obviously neither is as modest as a batwing abaya but for some the sleeved overhead can look strange while this has a slightly more mainstream look so I think it would actually work well for sisters looking to wear the overhead in the US but worry about the reactions they might get.

      I donno, just my take. Im actually stitching some beautiful trim around it right now so when Im done I’ll post new pics.

  4. Salamoualeikoum
    Yesss i think like Otowi that it’s not really an overhead abaya. I think they call it maghrebian because traditionnal morrocan djellaba (djebba/galabya..) is like that, just a kind of abaya with a hoodie. But to me, here, it’s most for a stylish purpose… Anyways, it’s interesting!

    • yes it does have tones of “Djelleba” but actually when the overhead part is worn up and pinned so it stays it does help to keep the abaya away from the body, which is what the sleeves overheads do too. Obviously nothing is as modest as the big batwing overhead (cept for maybe a bisht) but actually Ive decided I rather like this style of overhead as I think it would be quite suitable for wearing in Western Countries. So you have some of the look and modest fit of an overhead without the exoticism which can freak ignorant people out. Personally Im going to take one with me to the US in April and try wearing it around as Ive started to prefer my overheads to anything else and would like to wear them in the US.

  5. Ok i don’t really know how is it to wear an overhead in the US but in France people look at you the same manner if you wear a black shoulder or a overhead.

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