Dust storms are scary…

(dust storm outside one of our back windows...creepy eh!)

Tonight we have a dust storm, okay so it’s not really horrible or as bad as some of the ones Ive heard about -as far as I can tell. But right now it’s about 11pm at night and it’s incredibly windy outside, I just peeped out my front door and the night sky is white and the air smells funny and gritty. The palm trees are whipping around and basically eveything looks very creepy and eery.

So I guess the spring dust season has started…a Lebanese friend told me back in October…wait until February and March then you’ll REALLY get to see some dust!

gee thanks…

*off to close windows and doors*


6 thoughts on “Dust storms are scary…

  1. I experienced a couple of serious ones while in Sudan the first we were inside a restaurant and alarms actually sounded to make sure no-one went outside; that was a particularly ferocious one as it crossed the nile and looked like a tornado and the sky turned BRIGHT orange. The other one wasn’t so bad but we were caught outside in it; if you ever get caught in a dust storm you will discover that the dust gets physically blasted into your clothing, no powder, bleach or anything else will get it out. I think this may be one reason why beige and other blah coloured thawbs are more popular in rural areas of various Arab countries; because they don’t show the sand blasted effect quite as badly as white.

  2. Wow, that looks really creepy! They have dust storms here in Southern California in the desert areas, they cause some really bad accidents because people drive in them….I wouldn’t want to get caught outside in one, that must really hurt!

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