Affordable Saudi abayaat (more pics!)

So sisters, tonight I was able to take a whole bunch of pics from the abaya shop I most frequently go to for my purchases.

The prices are EXTREMELY affordable and they have ALL sizes and they have a tailor who comes in the morning and will tailor the abaya to the purchasers desired size. Prices are listed!

(please check my Arabian Threads store to order! More details are there, jazakhallakhair)


Higher priced

All of these are $83.oo + $10SH&H

1) crepe with floral design on cuffs and creeping up the sleeves to the shoulders.

2) Crepe, Big sleeves which puff down into a narrow cuff with big, splashy embroidery

3) Sleeves, the first two are above and the third is beautiful arabesque style embroidery around the big puffed sleeves and narrow cuffs. Available in BLACK embroidery and Greyish/Taupe seen below.


Average price

Prices vary so will be listed above each abaya.

1) Variety of embroidered cuff choices. Some are satin, some are crepe.

These are all $50+ $10SH&H

2) Satin, big kimono sleeves with velvet florals on the cuffs.

$60 + $10SH&H

3) Two abayaat in satin with really interesting sleeves/cuffs.

*Abaya one –  plain satin to the elbows but then from elbows to cuffs is THREE layers.Really funky pattern in the under layer of satin with a snug satin under sleeve so when your arms are raised, they are well covered.

$$55.00 + $10SH&H

*Abaya 2-plain satin but has huge “wizard” sheer crepe sleeves with pink satin and pink rhinestones at the cuffs, this abaya features snug black sleeves under the sheer wizard sleeves so your arms are well covered!  Sizes 56inches and 58inches long.

$54.00 + $10SH&H

4) Satin with wide two-layer sleeves.

There are a wide variety of these available.

$55.00 + $10SH&H

6) One and Two are Satin, Three is crepe, variety of wide sleeved cuff designs.

All are $58.00 + $10SH&H

7) Satin with embroidery on cuffs and back

$65.00 + $10SH&H



Friendly on the wallet but STILL quality! The crepes and satins used are not of the cheap, uber thin variety which rips and runs easily.

1)Crepe with beautiful embroidery.

This one is $40.00 + $10 SH&H

These two below are $34.00 + $10SH&H

2) Satin, plain front with back getting all the details! Pleats and rhinestone accents. Funky lettuce cuffs.

Available in either WHITE  rhinestones or BLACK rhinestones.

3) crepe with silver thread and rhinestones.


Satin sleeved overheads.

Sleeved overheads are all the rage here and satin tops all! Its extremely popular to have an overhead with funky cuff designs. A LOT more designs are available…but these are just a few!

All sleeved satin overheaads with pretty cuffs are $45.00 + $10SH&H

Here are some of the cuff designs…

There are also other cuffs available, but I obvously couldnt stand in the shop for ages taking pictures of everything! Saudi’s get VERY upset when someone has a camera in their vicinity and as it was the shopkeeper had to block the shops entrance to keep any ladies from coming in. So everything was very snap and go!

Some off the cuffs shown in the first picture under the average price section are similar to whats also available on some of the sleeved overheads.

Obviously plain satin sleeved overheads are available as are plain crepe sleeved overheads, some of the crepe sleeved overheads and batwing overheads have designs on the cuffs as well. But those arent as popular as the satin sleeved ones so the choices are more limited.


16 thoughts on “Affordable Saudi abayaat (more pics!)

  1. I love the prices of these abayas. They’re seriously market prices – pretty much the same price I got in Bahrain for mine ($60 AUD and the design is probably similar to the average priced ones).

    I love the sleeved overhead abayat the most though! Ah, I wish I could wear those here in Australia without all the stares 😦 My MIL’s one is almost 100% the same as that one at the bottom and my SILs shoulder abaya has the same sleeved design as the second last one aw. You brought back memories for me by posting this, thanks :):)

    • teehee…yup, def better, more affordable prices. But still really really good quality (not the cheapo stuff). I feel you on the overheads but frankly, when Im in the US come April I plan to wear one of my overheads there…just because I’m so used to them now.
      I think the best overhead for western wear would be the hooded/maghrebi overhead since it has the abaya and hoodie look yet still keeps the abaya away from the body like an ordinary overhead.

      Ah memories… 🙂

  2. they all look amazing! But for now I should wait until I deliver my baby in october before I go buying new abayas. im bound to go nuts buying abayas from you after that and especially then ill have more to spend when hubby gets his new job by then inshAllah. these are all so pretty!

  3. Wow, I love these and looove the prices! Hmmm…I’m looking for a few new items of clothing…I’ll have to see if I can get an abaya from you.

  4. So much to love! Is it possible to get a full picture of the overhead with satin sleeves? You are gonna force me to order some abayas. STOP THIS! :0)

  5. It figures you would post the affordable abayas the day I buy one :(. That’s okay . I only spent $35 on a plain beautiful charcoal grey A-line crepe abaya. Hubby said I can still get one from you because I’m such a bargain shopper :). I like the ” 1)Crepe with beautiful embroidery.” How is the front closure? What are the lengths?

    • well sis, im right now putting it up on my eCrater shop. So if you decide you want to order, just go there.
      But they all come in the normal lengths of 52/54/56/58/60 and are made to be pretty big and then once you order the tailor at the shop will take it in. This normally takes a day, so you leave it and come back. Ofcourse when you order I’d need your abaya bust and hip size so I can be sure its the right size.

      All Saudi abayat come as snap front and A-line. Only the ones from UAE or which are “mock” Emirati sytle will either be 3/4th open or entirely closed front.


  6. Asalaamu 3alaikum,

    Hmmm not my style but barakAllahuFeech for offering a type of Islamic garment to women who cannot access 3abayaat easily 😀

  7. hmm question about the Crepe abaya with silver embroidery and rhinestones… it’s open-front, right? is there an attached undergarment underneath (sort of like a jumper)? I’m torn between that abaya and the modern batwing overhead. I never thought I’d like an overhead abaya!!! LOL

    • sister, I emailed you…All Saudi abayaat have snaps down the front, so there is no need for a jumper under it as everything will be closed up and covered. Only Emirati abayaat are open down the front, like 3/4th open, Saudi ones arent.

      The batwing is extremely nice as well and also snaps up the front.

  8. These prices are very very reasonable; similar to the prices in the quality abaya boutiques in the backstreets of Jeddah, InshaAllaah I’ll definitely be ordering when I get some dinero. Also definitely looking to order some of your little boy thawbs as well; my son’s are still getting use out of the ones we got 3 years ago but they are getting short for even Sulayman by now and the boys Sirwal as well because you can never buy those in the west…

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