It’s 90f already-romping in the “khaleej-e fars”

I think winter is over or something because we have officially started to turn the air conditioner on during the day and its really just too hot to go out much between about 11am and 4 noon. I guess the heat has started up again…yesterday it was 90f. It went from like mid-60’s up to 90’s in only 2 weeks! I’m so glad I didnt really buy any winter clothing…whats the point.

Anyway, my family went down to the Corniche a few days ago and romped around the Persian Gulf (called khaleej-e Fars and YES, according to all authoritative academic sources the proper name IS the Persian Gulf due to the importance of Fars (Persia) in the regions trade, economy and political power, also at several points in Gulf history much of the area was under Persian control, either directly or indirectly, even this area of Saudi Arabia).

Here are some pics…the water was actually pretty warm and the shallows were full of crabs, shells, clams and little fishes. It was such a fun time!

Incase anyone is curious, I have on a lovely shaylah with a floral embroidery around the edge (love it! mashallah) and my overhead abaya with jeans and a short Irani manteau.

And then I rolled up my jeans and splashed around a bit with my son…yah, the Saudi’s gawked from the park above the beach in disbelief. LOL


5 thoughts on “It’s 90f already-romping in the “khaleej-e fars”

    • Im not sure, I know Saudi women do swim at beaches but I think those are just womens only beaches…I think there are some around Jeddah area (other side of the country) but around here, Ive never seen any splash around in the water. I think it depends where your at, some areas are more conservative than others. Ah well, I had fun thou and so did my son.

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