2 things which annoy me…

This post has nothing to do with anything fashion related…LOL…

But, Ive noticed that on many of the hejabi fashion blogs and my own included that when a blogger does a blog post about some cute designs from X online store or X company and even if its obvious that the company and items being featured are in no way connected to the blog or the blogger and even if the URL to the company is blatantly posted you STILL get individuals who don’t read the entire post and then send comments wanting to know how they can purchase them and whether they ship to X country. This really rather peeves me. Anytime I do a blog post about any company online and show pictures of their items AND their URL-so its easy to go to the actual site I always get several such comments. I normally just write them back and say…you need to go to the URL and inquire with them directly…

OR, should I post pictures from a company which I havent the foggiest clue how to contact but whose stuff I like I STILL get the same sorts of comments, even IF I explain that…I just found these random pictures, oooh, how pretty. LOL.

Really, it peeves me! I dont understand how some readers can overlook such obvious details?

and two… this is a Saudi thing though.

Saudi kids like to put their hands on every dang thing that they can!!! If you push a cart and walk by one they grab onto the cart, if they stand in the center of the aisle and you need to pass them and say excuse me they dont move and proceed to touch your cart and everything in it. If you have a stroller…they do the SAME thing! Last evening I was at a park with my son and was getting him and I icecream before they closed for Maghreb and I had my sons stroller by the door and over the course of the 10min I stood there in line TWO children just went up to the stroller and put their hands ALL over it. One child actually tried to walk away with it (push it around) and the other pushed it away from the door and over…I gave both kids a very mean and nasty look with a long drawn out…”LAAAAAAAAAA”…ofcourse their moms were RIGHT there…NOT telling them to not put their grubby hands on some strangers property.

*bangs head on the wall*…

And this angers my son who is usually in the cart and is ofcourse possessive of whatever cart he is in, or if his stroller is with us…he then tries to start fighting with the kid!

uh huh…

Someone needs to sell some child spray to keep them away!


10 thoughts on “2 things which annoy me…

  1. Once again…… those undisciplined arab kids…. and the moms that need smacked!!!lol We need to start an international program on parenting for the arab family!!!!lol SO get this, During Muharram… there were these liitle girls(ranging in age from 2-4) and they were trying to hit Fatimah and her little friends. Then one of them bit my friends baby who is 6 months old!!!! He was screaming cause she bit him soooo hard! It was awesome when some Kuwaiti lady that was there grabbed 2 of them, smacked them, and dragged them to their mothers!! The mothers just sit on their behinds…. and pretend they dont see what they are doing. Then they laugh when someone yells at the kids! So needless to say I was on defense mode and was literally pushing these kids away! ANNOYING!

  2. I can’t believe those kids! Actually I remember when my husband and I went to someone’s (Australians) house for dinner and the parents said to the kids: “Okay, go to bed.” And they did – I’m thinking this is normal but M was like “What the hell?! Why are the kids so nice?? What’s going on????” I guess that’s normal coming from a guy who knows kids who call their fathers “haywan” (animal) to their face 😦

    Rena – Whaaat! In Muharram and everything, gr.

  3. My sister-in-law (arab) laugh when his son hit his baby! Whatever his children do, she laughs and it shocks me a lot. I don’t say that arabs are not well educated but in my in law family, a lot of mums are like that.

  4. It sounds like those moms need discipline your child101. Honestly I think some of us (them) really need the whole “it takes a village to raise a child” thing. You have to be disciplined in order to teach your child how to behave. Some people just aren’t .

  5. SubhanAllah, this is by far not an exclusive thing to arabs and of course doesn’t apply to all arabs, but I have noticed this about a lot of the muslim/arab kids/mothers I’ve met! I think there are cultural elements that come into play with this.

  6. LOL, child spray, made me laugh 😀 I need one of those living in a house with millions of younger cousins. I would buy one. I remember when my family and I went to saudi. It was Isha namaz, we were in masjid al haram. It was a nice night and we didn’t read inside, else we wouldn’t make it in time. So we, along many others read on the marble outside. It was really beautiful. Except for the little kids. They were running around everywhere. There was like a pit, well not a pit but the marble went down in one area. The kids ran around got people’s shoes and threw them in there. It was horrible because no one could do anything as they were praying. While i was praying a little kid grabbed my slippers and ran off. When we finished praying we looked around and thankfully the kid hadn’t thrown it into the “pit/hole.” But I wouldn’t say it was just arab kids. It all depends on parenting. Salam.

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