Ithmid/sorma is now available

Due to requests…Ive decided to put up the ithmid.

Here is the link to purchase



6 thoughts on “Ithmid/sorma is now available

  1. So I have a question for you.. a few posts back, you asked about ithmid/kohl and whether it had any lead in it, and in one of the pictures, you had a blue applicator thingy.

    Does that have lead in it? That is what I use exclusively and while I love the ease of application, I *hate* that it never stays on the eyes. According to your description, the real ithmid burns your eyes but this doesn’t really… and it def doesn’t stay on (altho it does look quite nice when it travels down to just below the eyes, giving a smoky, on-purpose smudgy look, but the lack of liner IN the eye annoys me).

    So anyway, a few years back you sent me pure iranian ithmid, but I lost the package before ever using it so I still don’t know what it’s suposed to feel/look like 😦

    I guess my Q is, is there pure ithmid that comes in an easy applicator, because I don’t know how the stick thing works and can never figure out how to put it on. And if you do find some, please let me know as I would like to purchase some from you.

    Thanks :)))

    • Hmm, lemme guess…did I send you the ithmid? LOL…I was selling some back in 2005. teehee.

      Well, I am pretty sure those sormas in my original sorma post do infact contain lead…the ithmid I put up on my shop and in my last post about this is apparently lead free and is-to me atleast-the same as the irani sorma. Which makes me think its the real deal.

      Email me and we can discuss it some more, en’shallah

  2. Emm I know this post is old…. but I still wish to know…… do you know where we can order the actual stone from iran?

    • salaamu alaikum..sister…the problem is, even if you found a place in Iran with ithmid how would you get it and then how would you make sorma from it? Do you know the process? Its quite labor intensive, you dont just get the rock, grind it and voila…insta sorma. Currently in Iran really its only occasionally/rarely made by some nomadic women or old rural women and its only worn by old rural women or nomadic women, almost no places carry it as everyone buys western style eyeliners and the few easy to find vials of “sorma” are very iffy and come from God knows where! The few shops that perhaps stock true sorma are very rare, hard to find and they have to buy directly frm some nomad or elderly lady who produces it. Again, its almost next to impossible to find anyway. Ive heard in UAE they do sell the rocks which are used to produce sorma but again, I dunno here and again, how would you then make the sorma? I once ages ago saw some elderly lady in my husbands village make it and its some crazy, intense process which takes days…perhaps weeks and a lot of work and because those who wear it are few and far between and its expensive, compared to western style eyeliners…who really buys it…given how bad the economy is there right now which is more impt…buying eggs or buying sorma…? I hope I dont come off as blunt…but thats the reality…its hard to find and even if you did…how would you process it? Its prob easier just buying something already made.

      • aww thanks for your prompt reply … I know it is hard to find a pure one, that’s why I would rather process it myself, at least that way I have more trust in my own product,,,, I make my own creams from pure ingredients because I don’t trust commercially made ones… too full of nasty useless stuff….

        I don’t yet know how it is processed, but I know I’m willing to go through the hassle if I can just get my hands on it lol

      • wa salaam…yea but sister, your way under estimating the labor involved in making sorma…its not as easy as making creams…if you can ever actually find the rock and then actually find someone to teach you then…best of luck. Its just not a typical thing anymore

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