Some moms really lack maturity!

Be forewarned…this IS a rant.

So the Palestinian woman who lives below us with her 4 kids, Filipino main/nanny and her husband just came out of her apartment and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs at my 3 yr old son and his 2 little, equally young buddies who were playing in the dirt near-ish to where her front door is. There is this big patch of dirt/grass in the center of our building on th first floor…and both I and his friends mom who lives next door wanted to them to play downstairs in the dirt, instead of running off to the playground which is quite a distance away from our apartments. This way they can play alone but we can see them and hear them. Of course, being THREE, they do make messes… but…hello, it’s dirt and there was a sandstorm yesterday which blanketed everything in dirty and sand anyway.

They were not right in front of their door, just in the general vicinity. There are 3 other apartments around them.

Anyway this woman is a extremely immature person…

So I am sitting upstairs in our doorway enjoying a moment of calm listening to them play and giggle below when all of a sudden I hear her SCREAM at them, at the top of her lungs in Arabic. So I run downstairs and see them all cowering in a corner, crying their eyes out. My son sees me and comes running towards me and says…she screamed at us, she screamed at us. She’s standing in her doorway just looking on. His little buddies run upstairs and by then THEIR mom who is Jordanian was outside on the balcony with their baby wondering whats going on. So my son sees the lady and while standing beside me starts to SCREAM his little guts out at her because he was SO upset. Really, who can blame him. huh.

Then I said, what happened? She said, well they were making a big mess in front of the door…there was NOTHING in front of door except a little sprinkling of dirt here and there, about halfway from her door to the stairs which go up to my level. The sprinkling was from them playing. Something which wont take more than 2 seconds to sweep up OR to just ignore!! So then she said to me…”he is a BAD boy!” I admit I got a shocked look on my face and really had to restrain myself from REALLY telling her what I REALLY think of her *cough* family…and instead said…NO, actually he is NOT, and don’t you dare say such things about my son again! She got angry and went inside and slammed her door.

My son then ran upstairs crying again, I went upstairs and told his buddies mom what happened she agreed with me that, her behavior was incredibly immature. The adult thing to do would be to come upstairs (she knows he’s my son) and asked me to move them to the playground. Okay, simple as pie.

But instead she chose to SCREAM at 3 little three year old boys playing.

All I can say is, NO WONDER her 3 yr old daughter acts like the biggest brat on earth, half of the people on the compound dispise them because their kids are so incredibly ill behaved and cause a LOT of problems and when people complain about her kids behavior she blows them off and hey, her poor maid is always, always being screamed at by them. Yah, her family are winners. I really hope for her sake, she doesn’t do that again because I will seriously let forth my real feeling about that “family”. Also let me share that on two previous occasions several months ago her 8 yr old son followed me and my son around the compound as we were walking, making fun of me wearing hejab and mocking God and the Quraan…and “supposidly” they are Muslim. After the second time I confronted her on it and alhamdullah he stopped. but…wow.

uh, huh.


4 thoughts on “Some moms really lack maturity!

  1. Uhhhh… :/ I would be like “what the hell is ur problem??” as I remember moms like that in the neighborhoods I grew up in when I was little. Classic syndrome: Mommy’s kids are little angels and any other kids are bad. “Bad” kid’s mom confronts #1 Mom and #1 hides in her house.

    You should see the kids at the park here!! Their mother’s are frickin’ crazy when it comes to their children’s bad behaviour towards others. And it’s only the Arab nationals from other countries who are like this (at least at the Gardens on Khalifa Street)… I don’t have a problem with the Indians who take their kids or other locals. Strange wallah.

  2. What’s wrong with letting kids be kids? Some mothers really shortchange their own kids’ growth and creativity. Layla’s favorite activity right now is playing outside poking sticks in the mud and looking for worms (its very rainy here 🙂
    People who constantly belittle and yell at their kids just teach them that its ok to do that to others, which is why the little boy thought it was ok to make fun of you, a grown woman. I hate to see what this kid will be like as a teen. Sad.

  3. She must be miserable in her marriage and life. She must feel powerless to confront the person making her unhappy so she acts like a bully to people weaker to her. Hence, her son’s rude behavior to you. Children tend to imitate the adults in their household. He thinks it okay to be rude to women. Perhaps his father is rude to women and people under him, as you noted their behavior to the maid. I bet if your husband confronted the son’s actions….As the lady wrote above me, I wouldn’t want to be around when this kid is a teenager.

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