Spring is the season of heat and SAND!

Really, I can’t emphasis enough just how incredibly dusty and sandy it has become! y

It’s hot…already and very very windy and of course incredibly sandy and dusty! Ive never been in such a dusty place…its really so strange.

So you might thing, oh…sand, like so what. well, yah right!

The air is thick and white which blots out the sun, and everything is gritty and sand blasted and within seconds of stepping outside you feel grit in your eyes, mouth and throat and it at times is difficult to even breath as you can feel yourself inhaling all the grit. Its not pleasant at all!

This totally explains why the traditional clothing of desert dwellers is usually baggy and there is something available to wrap over the face and eyes. Really in this weather, shmagh or gutra makes perfect sense as does boushiyyah and/or niqab. Ive started to have to throw my shaylah over my face when out just to be able to breath.

Everyone says it’ll be like this until May or something…Alhamdullah, I’m going back to the US for some months in April I only get a little of this!

oh and the grit and dust gets into EVERYTHING! Its incredible!


And, heres a cute picture of my son and 2 of his little buddies doing what little kids do best…thats playing.


Yes they ARE playing in the same sandy patch.teehee… (read down a few posts for details)

Well, that chica is NOT home right now and wont be for another hour or so. I already told my husband, as he walked in the door from work that should she come out and dare to scream at them again…then I’m gonna get nasty!

Kids need to PLAY and as long as they aren’t ruining HER property (which btw this is a compound, she doesn’t own her apartment nor the dirt 10 feet from her door!) then, guess what…I don’t care.


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  1. Ah, the kids look like they are having a great time. All the talk about the wind and sand made me nostalgic! One does learn that any kind of face covering can be purely practical.

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