Flipping your shaylah, Saudi style…


I’d like to share with you all a little tutorial on how to achieve a fairly classic Saudi shaylah wrapping method. This method of wrapping ones shaylah is extremely popular here in KSA and works for both niqabis and non-niqabis and with a shaylah with decorated trim or plain edged ones. Plus, one huge perk is it works as a inpromptu sun visor to block out the blinding daytime light.

First, place shaylah with one edge (lets say left edge) much longer than the other edge. Either pin or if you have wrapping skills, just hold tight and begin wrapping.

Two, now swoop up the shorter side, around head…ala’ normal wrapping style.

Third, tuck or pin where the shorter side was wrapped around to, now, pick up the longer edge and start to bring it up.

Fourth, now plop the long edge over your head, lengthwise. You’ll basically just be bringing it up, like your folding back over your head.

Fifth, now adjust so it’s even and draped well. The edge of the shaylah-fringe, decoration or plain will be draped over your opposite ear (right ear if left side had the longer bit of shaylah)

Sixth…voila…pretty huh, you can pin in one or two spots so it stays put. Most women here just drape and go…and adjust as it slides around. To wear with a niqab. Put it on after you’ve done step two, but before you bring up the longer edge. This style works best with a headband niqab or half niqab. Can be worn with a niqab with eye veils for an extra poofy, draped look.

You can also then bring the edge of the shaylah, especially if it has decoration, up over the crown of the head so it drapes over the forehead. Like this… This method of wrapping is particularly nice looking with a half-niqab.


5 thoughts on “Flipping your shaylah, Saudi style…

  1. I love the first style, thank you for the tutorial! My only problem is that i always cover my chest and it doesn’t but maybe i can try with a very long shayla…

  2. i just spent 20 minutes trying to figure this out in front of the mirror-finally got it! nice,but no chest coverage. im actually surprised that saudi women would love a hijab style that has zero chest coverage yet they may wear a niqab? its kinda strange. so my question is,is there really no concern about chest coverage and is it seen as ok to be wearing a shoulder abaya with this hijab style and niqab with your chest uncovered?

    • LOL…well…
      here u have women who cover due to religious conviction and those who cover due to family tradition and/or societal pressure.
      The very religious women usually wear an overhead abaya (sleeved or batwing) or a big shaylah with a shoulder abaya…with or without niqab.
      The women who wear niqab for reasons of tradition and/ or so their families honor isn’t tarnished in the neighborhood don’t really care about chest coverage, all they really care about is apparances and as long as their face is covered, then everything else doesn’t matter, These women also tend to slather on boatloads of makeup, heavy on the perfume, nail polish…everything. Essentially they just cover so their parents or husbands let them go out!

      You can achieve chest coverage with that style but you need a shaylah thats at least 2-3 meters long and 1 meter wide. I don’t usually do that style as it works better with niqab…personally… I normally do the 1 side really, really long and then bring it over and hold 1 edge under my opp. arm so my entire front is covered…I picked this up from some religious but sans-niqab saudi women I used to be friends with.

      So remember…here niqab does NOT equal religious…you can tell the religious or the more modest ones from those who cover due to culture.

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