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So, I’ll be away from the computer until saturday…so if anyone emails me or leaves a comment…just know I wont be checking my email till then.

and…so a few days ago was my b-day, while neither dh nor I try to make a big deal out of it…I turned another decade old and so we sorta had some fun, we went to this upscale Persian restaurant to see how close it was to the real deal which we both know and love and while we waited for our dinner-I ordered Fesanjoon (chicken in a walnut and pomegranent sauce) and he ordered Ghelieh (a Persian Gulf dish) we reminsiced about all the fab food we were eagerly looking forward to eat when we are in Esfahan to vegetate with da familia come July…Esfahani Biryani, Haleem-e bademjoon and other delicacies…fyi, Esfahani Biryani is not like Indian Biryani at all..it doesnt have any rice or anythin and is actually similar to 2 kinds of meat paddies (1 lamb and 1 liver eaten with with herbs and bread). yum.

The food arrived and was actually pretty decent…the fesanjoon wasnt that tart and poopers…they ddint put out the requisite bowl of herbs (sabzi) and yogurt nor did they give enough bread. I was tempted to go up to the owner (who wa smilling around and was Iranian) and ask why they were so stingy. But I figured they have to tailor it to Saudi tastes.

Our son ofcourse gorged himself on bread, rice and radishes… overall was decent, but not that great. Still, I had a hankering for Persian without actually being stuck cooking it myself (I’m rather tired of making Gormeh Sabzi, Kookoo sabzi and Fesanjoon at home!)

Then after we walked around the Cornich and later I got a new abaya…muahahaha, the crepe is suitable for summer yet still hs a nice drape and I love the cuffs which are ballon and then taper down to the wrists! too cute huh, mashallah.

The shaylah has the same design as the cuffs on one edge and this design came in a variety of different cuff colors, There was one with bright, rainbow colored cuffs which I wanted but it, argh, was not in my length or size, so I picked my 2nd fave which had neutral tones.


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    • Yes indeedy I paid much less, if you want a similar one…contact me. Its also in saloona so its incredibly airy and good for the hot weather-which is already scorchingly hot here!

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