Of liers, thieves and the trauma of makeup purchasing!

Of liers…

Recently it came to my attention that saloona crepe is something else entirely different than what I had thought it to be!

Okay…some background. Last year I purchased-as a special order a relatively expensive (in US terms) abaya from a site based here in KSA (those of you who’ve read my blog for ages will maybe remember which abaya im talking about). It was supposed to be in a “trendy” style and I special ordered it in SALOONA crepe as many sisters who’ve been to Saudi told me that saloona is a sisters best friend…light as air, perfect for hot weather yet not deep matte black, its sort if like a dark charcoal grey/black that has a bit of a glimmer to it (not shiny though) and the weave is more “open” compared to other crepes and although light and airy, doesnt show the body unlike the uber cheap crepes which when the wind blows…shows everything!

Well, I paid a bit extra for this abaya as I REALLY wanted it to be high quality and Saloona! Well, I got it and thought, hot dog, this rocks! an actual trendy Saudi abaya in saloona! I was over the moon.

Then I came here and was like, oh shizer…this abaya is really not trendy at all, its some stupid style that noone wears except for women who buy the kr@ppy abayaat at the 5 riyal shops! poops…THEN…since its become warmer Ive started to see every abaya being made in this crepe which is a dark charocoal/grey and light as air…I inquired as to what it is and I was told its Saloona…there are 2-3 grades of saloona…the finest is saloona #1 and the least finest but still extremely nice is saloona #2/3.

I was like, oh poops! If this material is saloona than I was RIPPED OFF! Straight up! I was ripped off, I paid extra for a SALOONA abaya and I got the regular-cheaper variety of plain crepe! Im rather peeved about this because if this happened to me then its probably happened to other sisters too! Why did this occur? Did this company think I’d never know what saloona is? Oh dang…poops on them…i ended up moving to KSA and seeing real saloona with my own eyes! I reckon that company made a profit of almost 75% off of what I paid!

So sisters…be forwarned…Just because a “reputable” company says this is XYZ, don’t always believe it!



What “girl” doesnt enjoy the ever so feminine activity of shoppin’ for makeup or undergarments *ahem*…sure,sometimes it can be rather irritating shopping for such items, especially if you arent usually into wearing much makeup or pretty much stick to the basics. But sometimes its fun!

Well, here…argh, forget it…I mentioned before that shopping for undergarments of a feminine nature is a decidedly bothersome, mildly traumatizing event because lingerie shops are staffed by MEN! (horrors of horrors!) and its not just I, expat that I am that find going into a Nayomi store horrifying but many Saudi women send their husbands or grandmothers or mothers or go in big groups when shoppipng for such items. To make matters worse, the men who work in retail are trained to trail you through the store and in general being a big, fat nuisance!

I understand why they do this…theift is a HUGE problem (yes, by women!) and its way to easy for a woman wearing all black to steal something and get away with it. Afterall, if everyone else is dressed the same, how will anyone know your the theif?

Anyway…purchasing makeup is equally traumatizing. You can buy makeup in grocery store and are generally left alone when doing so…but the selection is very small and usually isnt well stocked (theift!) or is under glass so you can look but not touch unless you have someone open the glass container for you. So going to a shop like Saphora or Centerpoint makes more sense as the selection is wider and nicer.

BUT, these dang men ruin EVERYTHING!!!!

Tonight I went into Centerpoint to peruse the makeup section-I rarely wear any makeup beyond sorma, maybe mascara and sometimes foundation and lip balm but still, I like to now and then buy a new bit of makeup here and there and I am in dire need of a good foundation which will work in this climate and not dry out my already dry skin.

So I go up to the makeup just to look and one of the guys who works in that areas immediately comes over and stares me down, I say “um, just lookin’!” and the dude would NOT move away. Every thing I looked at he immediately suggested this, that and sometrhing else. *grr* I was really not pleased. First I just wanted to LOOK and two, if I did want to buy something I wanted to look in peace and quiet! Once I started to look at foundation all heck broke loose and the dude from the makeup area called over two other sales men to “assist” in my “hunt” for a foundation and suddenly I was innundated with 20,000 foundation choices and I was getting really, really angry. Finally I just gave up and left.


If anyone knows decent foundation they can recommend which would be good in this dry climate do share!


11 thoughts on “Of liers, thieves and the trauma of makeup purchasing!

  1. Salaam sister. To take a phrase from one of my favorite stupid movies (“Mystery Men”) I’ll let out a hearty “Ahhhh dang!”.

    You know, even though it’s probably useless at this point, I would personally (and rather happily!) email them and let them know you discovered your abaya isn’t what it was promised. Allahu alim, maybe it was an error, maybe it was on purpose. I would send them a shout out and see. 🙂

    Ma salaama…

  2. I’m wondering… Is this the one from Zahra’s? Just because I was kind of interested in getting something from them sometime and I know you’d given a good review when you received that abaya!

    • ahem-no comment (I think that answers your question)…
      yes when I first recieved it I was like “hot diggity dog, this thing is awesome”…but you know, being that id never been to KSA before and seen real saloona and everything else…hey, i was dooped! What can I say. I am thinking of writing a certain-ahem-company a little letter of complaint!

  3. Go for a Bobbi Brown foundation, like one of the foundation balms. I swear it’s the only thing that keeps my face from flaking off in the dead of winter. And they’re not pink-based, which helps skin matching.

    • Hmm, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for BB foundation balm, en’shallah. Yah…in winter and now in spring my face is drier than dry and in summer when the humidity gets crazy I’ll be dry but clogged up. LOL.

  4. I would get really irritated with those sales men as well. I can understand to a point as sadly there’s shop lifters, but still….how annoying!!
    That’s really a shame you were ripped off, you should email them and let them know that you paid more for a higher quality and that they didn’t make the abaya in the fabric you were supposed to have gotten.

  5. um yeah; I did think and mention that that particular abaya was very similar to ones that my MIL got in 2003 in Saudi from the cheapo shops at least in the design so I was surprised it was being marketed as a cool, latest style but I didn’t think the fabric would be a rip off as well, grr. I know the burberry trim fabric is pretty cheap as well; I got it for £1 a metre and I can tell its the exact same one (and its just a particular tartan not official burberry or anything like that)…You should totally write to them I am SICK of companies based in Saudi using people’s lack of knowledge over in the west to rip them off; because quite bluntly thats what they are doing.

    • Yup! Them and another one pops to mind!!!
      Even here thou, they try to rip you off if they think you can…hence why I always bargain hard and really look at stuff…because they do like to rip people off.

  6. You know? I knew exactly which abaya you were talking about lol. And I’m sorry you got jipped. Well, I guess at the very least, you can use this as a learning experience. 🙂

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