Pics/video from a jalabeeya store

Sometimes when I’m down in the ladies suq I like to go into the jalabeeya shops and oogle all the pretty fancy and party jalabeeya! Really, you can NOT get this stuff in the US-really-at all! Everything is so filmly and incredible! But, since I haven’t gone to any weddings or womens parties Ive only purchased one fancy jalabeeya and it was on sale. I will probably get 1 more-maybe a fancier one-sometime in the next few months just to have “in case”. The prices range from about 35$ on up! up! up!

I went into one very nice, yet quite affordable shop in look around and I asked about taking a few pictures and the sales guy was OK with that (incredibly enough!)…really, I think shops like Al-Yasmac are highly overrated. Their jalabeeb selection is pretty standard and way over priced. I took a picture fo this lovely jalabeeya for fancy parties which is below…they have them in fuscia, turquoise and a pale green tone. I also took some pictures of a beautiful butterfly style jalabeeya which somehow those pics got deleted, but that jalabeeya is actually in the video below.


A few pictures of two jalabeeb which I really liked! (both are under $100!! and come in a variety of sizes and colors)

**oh poop! I just realized I didnt save all the pictures so I only have 2 pictures. argh**


Two insanely quickie videos I very-very-covertly made!

Video 1

Video 2


8 thoughts on “Pics/video from a jalabeeya store

  1. Oooh, masAllah!! The stuff you post is always so gorgeous. JazakAllah khariun for shairng 🙂 I love the flowery abaya in the second video, it’s amazing.

    • wa salaam, yah sister, that is a uberly beautiful jalabeeya!!! I want to go back and get the same one in Turquoise, that on the butterfly one shown in the video. *drools*

  2. Ah you see ‘dats what I’m talkin’ about’ these are exactly the type of jalabeeyas I love, especially the ones with patterned fabric AND detailing in places other than the neckline/chest area….

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