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There are a few new abaya designs which are currently extremely trendy here in KSA! When I arrived in September there 2 layer abaya was really trendy as was abayaat with layered sleeves along with sleeves edged with crochet or lace. Well, i’ve started to see a bit less those those designs-AND incredibly enough, those ones which used to be extremely expensive in the shops are now almost all on sale for 1/3rd or 1/2 the previous price! The abayaat with “tribal/bedu” inspired embroidery are still around but even those-I think-are starting to go out.

Now, what i’m starting to see are abayaat like these ones. (these pictures are from a designs website-Nawal, check my post about her a few pages back).

As far as fabrics go, ive started to see a LOT of abayaat in this airy stretchy crepe material-its like spandex but its crepe and because its worn loose is incredibyl swishy and covers the curves well! Its also extremely lightweight. Ofcourse summery saloona is everywhere too!

Many shops have abayaat just like those modeled above. The first one Ive seen in a nice lightweight black stretchy crepe and also in stretchy navy crepe. Some also come with colored sleeves (like in the second picture) and one shop had polka-dot sleeves! LOL. Another place had the cuffs in colored stretchy crepe and matching stretchy crepe piping down the front. Very cute! I tried on one of the black ones at one shop tonight and really, it struck me how I remember having a similar abaya from KSA about 10 years ago! Only difference was the material used then was incredibly hot and heavy polyester AND it had pleats EVERYWHERE not just sleeves!

Ive also seen a few with a slightly less “intense” sleeve…similar to the 2nd design-both in plain black stretchy crepe and colored strechy crepe. Ive also seen a few of the “kimono” style abayaat (where you hold it closed) entirely made in the stretchy crepe…they are gorg and ive also seen some plain crepe abayaat with the stretchy crepe cuffs and stretchy crepe accents on shaylahs.

So just know…stretchy crepe is where it be at!

**and just for the record…Ive seen those above styles for between $70 (crepe body/stretchy black crepe sleeves) up to about $150 (all stretchy crepe with colorful sleeves from boutique shop, ladies suq ones are a bit less)**


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  1. As salaamu alaikum–What is the difference between the Japanese Crepe and Saloona? (I live in the states and neither are available here. I’ve gone to all types of fabric stores looking) I have a few abayahs from Al Helwah and was told that the fabric is Japanese Crepe. I have found the fabric to be very light and airy. I do have one from them that is a different crepe not a jet black, but more like a charcoal grey and the threads of the fabric are not tightly woven.

    • Nope, you wont find these crepes in the US for some reason. I guess there is no market for them. But Japanese crepe…from the bolts Ive looked at are a deep black, matte crepe which is very lightweight and airy. In Iran, Japanese crepe is “de rigeur” for chadors and its popular here in KSA for abayaat. Ive seen it in several thicknesses though, there is a thicker variety used for “winter” abayaat. Japanese crepe is really, really good stuff.
      Saloona is unique to Saudi-from what ive been told and is only seen in summer. There are a few diff grades…the higher the grade the finer the fabric but even less expensive saloona is very nice. Saloona also is, as descrived…like a charocoal grey/light black and has a very, very, slight glimmer to it in the light (I think due to the light that shines through it) AND has a very slight texture.

      Another crepe is Forsan…winter weight forsan is quite heavy and is too hot for summer wear, summer weight forsan is similar to the above two ans is very light, airy and have more of an open weave. Forsan is a deep, matte black but has a texture to it which you can feel.

      Count yourself luck on having those! They will probably last a really, really long time with proper care, en’shallah!

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I always got great bargains on sale if I was willing to wait a bit – which I was. In the UAE fashions seemed to change about twice a year, so I never had to wait too long for a great sale.

    Masalaamah, Farzana

  3. I knew it; I got a puffy piratey abaya from the US over a year ago now; its not puffy anywhere else really, mainly the sleeves which are EXACTLY like the above. I think I know which spandex crepe you’re talking about, very airy with a silky, non synthetic feel, I’ve seen it used here I cannot for the life of me remember what for maybe it was designer dresses or something as I doubt you’d see it on the high street….

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