What do you think of this abaya…and some random pictures

**Update-so, I realized last night that they made this abaya way too big, especially in the shoulder area, so I remeasured myself, jotted everything down and took it back to the shop this morning. They are taking it in for me. I obviously want it to look nice and Ive realized that an abaya which is too big, doesn’t look anything but frumpy-esp when its too big in the shoulders, plus the cut is Umbrella cut at the hem, so the extra wide hem plus the biggness in the shoulder area just look…really…blah!  I am planning to get a similar one with colorful sleeves at a later date, en’shallah**


So, what do you all think of this abaya? Its the latest style…all plain black.

The sleeves are the stretchy crepe Ive spoken about before and the body is saloona…its closed fron, Umbrella cut (like French cut) and has a mandarin collar. Its a bit too big in the shoulder area so it needs taken in. Also, ive seen some where the sleeves are crazy huge, puff-balls but these are rather managable…PLUS the fabric is seriously soft like butter…

Its actually the same style as this abaya…only I dont have the sleeves pushed up…BUT I noticed you could push up the sleeves and wear gauntlets which are of a different color or have designs on them for a bit of splash…


here are some pictures from Heritage Village in Dammam, its a really neat little place and it sort of transports you back to KSA before oil wealth. I really love the windows and doors and the interior rooms…I wish you could still see houses here with these sorts of features, but they are incredibly rare.

We were there as part of a group tour when we first arrived and we went back because…well…the food is really, really incredible and its one of only a handful of places which serve actual Saudi food in a “traditional” setting.


9 thoughts on “What do you think of this abaya…and some random pictures

  1. Its almost EXACTLY the same design, shape wise as my one from Philly; only thing is mine is in a cotton like rayon fabric and the sleeves are even more puffy with slightly shorter cuffs. Fashion eh? Which overhead are you wearing in the pics (i.e. is it one you sell in your store) because it looks amazing…very flowy and not clingy at all…

    • well, its the same kind only its in saloona fabric, the pics on my store are in forsan. That one is from a diff shop and doesnt have cuffs, just hand holes and finger loops…
      but its the saloona which makes it really, really nice. If you want the same kind I can have one made for you-price would be a bit more as saloona costs more.
      (I need to alter my pricing a bit to reflect this)

  2. Aslk, I love it! I was trying to get the exact same one when I was in Makkah in January but couldn’t find it. I love your abaya style! Especially the Bihst ones and the overhead ones as well, I couldn’t pull that one off in South Africa without a niqaab

  3. Salaam alykum, can I order this style of overhead abaya from you or do you know where I can get it? I have been desperately searching online for days now…and I really love yours. I’ve been reading up on all ur blog posts discussing overhead abaya and I feel you are the only person I think knows what to look for in a really great overhead abaya. Thank you very much!

    • salaam, thanks for the compliment but you’ll notice on the side bar that I’m back in the USA. This kind of stuff can only be found in the Gulf and even then really only in Eastern Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain-the other Gulf states arent as great when it comes to overheads. I have yet to see anything available online that comes even close to a decent overhead. I think the closest though is al-hediya…they have the traditional style batwing overhead with the center seaming, I suggest you contact them.

  4. Have you ordered from al-hediya before? I’m sorry to bother you, I just really had set my hopes on wearing it for further coverage. I realize I might not ever get the overhead abaya because of its unavailability online and I don’t know anyone that lives in Saudi Arabia. How depressing. Well, thank you very much for the response, I really appreciate it! Salaam alykum-

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