Great news and Arabian Threads SALE items

Well, 2 great upcoming news!

First, next wednesday I am leaving for Omrah and my family and I will be in Medinah and Mekkah for 7 days! Alhamdullah! We are taking a Omrah tour bus from our city in the Eastern Provinces all the way across the penninsula…it takes about 15 hours or so, but there are a lot of stops along the way.

To say I’m excited about seeing the Kabah in real life is, indeed an understatement…!!!!!

and then…

It seems in August we shall be leaving KSA and going back to the USA. My husband got a *very* good job offer from a University there and well, we are going back. Im excited about that too as that means we can finally settle down-get a house-car, everything…and stop living the nomadic student life and now nomadic, compound life. But, I am going to try to keep AT going as Im hooking myself up with local companies for wholesale abayaat, shaylah and other items. en’shallah. Plus, there is the prospect of a real librarian job for me too! en’shallah!

And…we are going to start to down-size and ship items back bit, by bit.

SO, I’m having a sale on IN-STOCK items! These are little things I saw and scooped up here and there. They range from some abayaat to kiddie items to prayer items and other random stuff. Here is the URL for these items.


5 thoughts on “Great news and Arabian Threads SALE items

  1. Congratulations on Umrah – It would be a shame to leave KSA without visiting the holy places. I was very very blessed to get to go for hajj.

  2. Masha”Allah how wonderful to go to the Holy City. May Allah make all your travel/changes easy for you and family 🙂

  3. Masha’Allah and Mabruk on your upcoming Umrah! Insha’Allah everything will go well and you will return spiritually enlightened. And Insha’Allah once you’re back in the USA you’ll get a librarian job!

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