Back from Umrah!!

wow, what a time it was! subhanallah!

I saw a lot, learnt a lot and prayed a lot. As can be imagined, I’m right now knee deep in dirty laundry and random stuff so after I finish cleaning, get everything sorted and relax a bit, I’ll share how our Umrah went and what it was like doing Umrah from within KSA (and not, you know, flying in or coming from another country like most do it).


9 thoughts on “Back from Umrah!!

  1. Alhamdulilaah, Umrah Maqbool inshallah! Hope you had an amazing trip. I wish I could go back soon inshallah, make dua. I have applied for Hajj for this year inshallah. Make Dua 🙂

  2. Mabrook on your umrah! Can you fill us in on what women were wearing? AbuS and I are inshaAllah planning on umrah soon, and I’m just at a loss as to what to wear.

    • well actually sis, Makkah is the most low-key, open minded city Ive been in sofar here in KSA-its perfectly OKay to walk around in a long tunic and baggy pants in bright colors. Really, anything goes!
      Actually being in Makkah was not just spiritually uplifting but seeing all the diversity in clothing and colors really cheered me and my husband up becuase it does get dull seeing black, black, black and more black.

  3. Asalam waliykum sis,

    I am going to Ummrah can you pelase share any tips and advice. what to carry as a sister? what to take etc. I am so nervous and want to be prepared the best i can 😀
    jazakallah khier plus i am going the busiest time of the year 3 weeks in Ramadan, the last ten days. Its more packed then Hajj!!

    • asalaamu alaikum…sis I dunno really what to tell you as we did Omrah from inside Saudi as expats and drove there so for us, we did it like Saudi’s would and we already were used to the area…Id say dont bring much, you can always buy there (i.e. toilettes and simple things to wear)…but dont expect to get any decent abayaat in Makkah or Medinah unless you go to a proper Khaleeji abaya boutique which has shops throughout the Gulf region like say Bedoon Essm or Sharqiyah as 99% of the abayaat and hejabs sold in Makkah and Medinah are junk-all Saudi’s joke about how all the junk in Saudi is sent to Makkah and Medinah for naive pilgrims to buy. LOL. So expect paying several hundred riyals for a quality abaya from a good boutique…otherwise everything else is overpriced junk (yes, I do know what im talking about)..everything else, you can just buy there and you can then mail stuff home. Id say dont sweat it or worry too much.

      Frankly I dont envy you for going during Ramadhan…its much better to go during off-peak season, otherwise its crazy packed…we went twice, the first time in March right after they started allowing foreigners into Makkah for Omrah (for the first 3 months after Hajj its closed to all non Khaleej country residents) and so it was quite empty almost with very few pilgrims and we could really see and enjoy Omrah a lot better, the 2nd time was in July and it was 2 months before Ramadhan and was quite packed and crazy…it was soo hard doing anything as people where everywhere! I do wish you were going during an off peak-time as you’d def. have a much easier and nicer (and cheaper) time. But, Allahu alim. en’sha’Allah you enjoy yourself…

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