New chador style! **Updated**

I just heard about these…they are a chador design modeled off of the  outfits women wore during the Qajar (Ghajar) dynasty.

(Chador-e Ghajari)

The reason why this design is called Ghajari is because during the Ghajar dynasty all outdoors chadors were atcually HUGE rectangles-NOT semi-circles, unlike today, so women would wear them with edges tucked in forming a sort of a skirt with the edges draped out…similar to Algerian Haiks.

Hence why they are called “Ghajari” chadors…they mimic this design.

Its actually composed of a front panel with ties that go around the waist, tieing in the back and then the top piece you flip up and wear…it looks almost like a regular Sonnati style chador when worn. There is elastic in the head area. Its very light and comfortable, mashallah.

It can be worn with any style of hejab, but because its open from the waist up, its best to wear a longer length hejab for better chest coverage.


15 thoughts on “New chador style! **Updated**

  1. oh my gosh this is beautiful!!! if you figure out how to get them made id LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy one!!lol

  2. Wow! Masha’Allah, I love the entire outfit. It looks like the chador is apart of the skirt… or am I seeing it wrong? Either way, this looks so pretty. 🙂


  3. Ah, you know me! I want one and Insha’Allah,you’ll get a tailor who can figure them out. I should look in my books and see if I have some pictures.

  4. Hi sister,

    I’m too interested in the chador ghajeri. Do you have more information?
    And do you wear it with one of 2 scarves under the chador?

    • salaam, keep your eyes peeled. i’ll be doing a pre-order for Irani stuff in a month or so, i will post details then. no you just wear it with a regular scarf, like anything else. The scarf in the picture is just a trendy tie style which is 1 piece but looks like 2.

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