wow…insane sand storm JUST hit!

So I was sitting here in my living room typing out my last post and all of a sudden it got sort of windy out and within seconds the sky went from being bright and sunny and blue to bright yellow/orange and incredibly windy…and unable to see almost anything.

Its kind of frightening out…the wind is blowing sooo hard and making a lot of noise and stuff is banging and moving around outside.

seriously, sandstorms are NO joke! ‘n this baby really be NOOOOOOOO joke!

(view of outside my window)


8 thoughts on “wow…insane sand storm JUST hit!

    • Yes, alhamdullah…jazakhallakhair! Unlike every other sandstorm Ive experienced since coming here this one was insanely intense and scary BUT was over really, really fast…within 1 hr the sky was clear again. It was really strange. Then it rained and thundered.

  1. That’s weird it’s really windy hear too. So much is blowing around outside. When I got home the dirt from the potted herbs in my kitchen window was all over the place. I can’t imagine being in a sandstorm. The closest I came to one was a windy storm on lake Michigan in my childhood. I never forgot it because that sand stung our skin.

  2. Be careful when you go outside for a couple of days. The air can look clear, but still be filled with tiny sand particles that aren’t healthy to breathe. Niqab may not give much protection, but it may help a little.

    • yah, your probably quite right. Unfortunately…the air in this area is horrible-period-anyway and there is *always* sand particles in the air. We realized just how dusty the air is here when we went to Makkah and Medinah for Omrah. Makkah, although really, really hot and humid still had cleaner feeling air and Medinah was even better. The closer to the interior we got, while driving back…the more we felt the air getting heavier and dustier and we all started to cough for a good hour or two while our lungs adjusted.
      Nothing helps.
      For example I can dust all the surfaces and wash all the floors and that same evening the surfaces are again covered in a fine film of grit/dust/sant particles and within 1-2 days the floor has a crunchy feel to it.

      No wonder eye and breathing problems abound in this area!

      Actually the boushiyyah/gatwa does indeed help, it does help to keep the particles out, but I only really use it when im out in a sand storm or its really really dusty.

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