the authentic Emirate gashwah…

…Or as we say here in the EP “Gatwa” or “Gashwiyeh” (dept on who you ask…LOL)

I FINALLY found someplace that makes the 100% authentic, real gashwa (boushiyyah)…like the kind worn in UAE by Emirate women. The ones made here in KSA are indeed OK, but they arent quite as nice, as they are less used by Saudi women, so I think most shops figure, really, why focus on them?

but…check this baby out…

Its a real Emirate gashwa! There is a shop that I found today which does indeed stock the real deal!

Yes indeedy…its am extremely huge rectangle. LOL, no ties, no nothing. The Saudi kind are the same size as the average niqab with long ties and generally 1 or 2 layers of niqab crepe, or if your lucky, this thicker cotton mesh.

I remember when Aalia who was in Abu Dhabi, did a blog post about the gashwa she wears and I remember being all like…whaaaa? cuz I couldnt picture it, as I had the Saudi style on my brain.


How it looks with 1 end flipper down.

Yes its quite sheer and when worn with 1 layer down, you can see a bit of the face, in direct light its almost see-through. Obviously most women who wear this style with the 1 layer of gashwa down are doing it more so for modesty reasons and less for actual religious, must be totally covered, must cover the face. Because those women tend to either A-wear the gashwa down with a half niqab or B-wear the regular niqab.

BUT a huge, huge perk to this style, esp this gashwa is for sun coverage. The sun definetly seems stronger here and on many occasions I flip my shaylah up to cover my face when the sun is directly on me…otherwise I fry, my eyes water and I’m just a huge mess! LOL.

This below is how one would wear it if wearing a half niqab. ofcourse, those who do this make sure its very neat, even and “pointy”…I just threw it up, no hassle. LOL

Anyway I def. give it an 8 out of 10 for comfort, visibility, relative cool-ness and the quality is really, really high. The cotton is fairly substantial yet sheer and feathery…not like some of the ones ive seen which are made of this really weird, pilling-prone cotton gaze.


5 thoughts on “the authentic Emirate gashwah…

  1. A’salaamu alaikum. I just received my bisht-style abaya from you and I LOOOOOVE it. The material is the best I have ever had in terms of quality and relative coolness versus coverage. I have a couple of abayaat from Sunnah Style that I love but the material is lighter-weight and kinda lays against my figure more.

    I want to leave feedback on your e-crater site but don’t know how. Please let me know and I’d be thrilled to.

    Jazaki allahu khair sis…

    • aww jazakhallakhair! I actually don’t know how…LOOOOOOOOOOL…I think there must be an option to leave feedback or something but I’m not sure. if I figure it out, I’ll let you know.
      yah the heavier-weight crepes are better at concealing the figure and you’ll see…its actually a bit cooler if its higher quality, heavier-weight fabric.

  2. I loved my gashwahs, and you are right about them protecting from the sun, and also the sand in the air. I mainly have the curved ones in every kind of fabric, but I had ties put on them since I didn’t have the knack of just dropping them on my head and having them stay put. The ties fasten in the back under my bun, over the shaylah.

  3. Once again, very well done! M’allah great blog! Check out my new updated blog I have posted a local ( US/FL)designer whom designs custom Haute Couture Abaya her name is Marisu Miranda. Every design is 100% original and one of a kind.

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