An incredibly feminine niqab…

Lately I’ve started to notice many local women wearing a really beautiful style of niqab where the eye-veil piece is really, really huge and then folded up over the head so the serged edge creates a frill around the face  or is left hanging down the back so it make a sort of a mini-cape. Very, very dramatic and feminine.

Anyway I inquired around at a few shops in the ladies suq and found the niqab I was seeking. So, I got one as a sample to bring home and try and check out. Its seriously a gorgeous and incredibly feminine/girlie niqab. I think a bit of beading or embroidery along the edge which frills the face would look incredible!!! Also, I like how the face covering part has a rounded edge so all the rounded edges give it a soft look and it also covers the chest.


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  1. I purchased one like this for a sister from Jeddah when I went in 2006, I think the eyeveils may be based off the traditional yemeni khimar (which is quite commonly worn and sold on that side of Saudi due to a lot of pilgrims from Yemen and also a lot of immigrants from there) or the longer overhead abaya with similar attached eyeveils; because they have the same kind of frilly ‘look’, I actually purchased sunnah styles one and I wasn’t too keen; the fabric was extremely thick and unbreathable and when worn this style looked like some type of weird medieval nurse (an effect only ‘acheived’ if you overstarch eyeveils on any regular niqab). The fabric of this one looks like the fabric of my Saudi-made yemeni khimar and the rounded edge is very unique; looks a lot better than the ones they had in jeddah which had two very square pieces (the piece against the head and one eyeveil which was too short to stay back properly) and then the frilly edge…

  2. I have about three similar niqabs from the Emirates. I never got a chance to actually wear any of them, but I really liked the way they looked.

  3. finally!! 😀

    i’ve been going through your blog hoping there’d be a post about this particular niqab style.

    my question is, how do u keep the veil from sliding off? :S

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