From a French sister…

(Muslim couple in Paris)

This is my testimony about being a veiled muslima in France.
Bismillah ar Rahmani ar Rahim.
Asalaamu alaikum…
I’m a French muslima sister; I’m 29 years old, I’m married and I have a 3 years old daughter (Allahoumma barik ‘alayha), and I turned to Islam 5 years ago. Before that, I was christian.

I’m a veiled women since the beginning of my entry in Islam. So since 5 years ago.

The veiled Muslim women’s life in France is a difficult because French people think that the islamic veil inhibits a women’s respectability. They think that veil is a negative sign of submission <to ones husband, male family members>, and so they think that it’s a problem for society.
For French people, religion should not to be showy; for this reason, it’s really difficult to wear veil <hejab and niqab> in France and it’s very difficult to be respected by them as well.

Veiled Muslim women are often thought of as stupid are despised as well. They are often insulted with “go back in your country” (oh what? but I’m french! argh!), or “batman”(especially we’re wearing black hijab)., or “ghost” (especially when we’re wearing white hijab). Non-muslim french people give us rude looks. And also some Muslims who don’t practice Islam give us dirty looks as well.  It’s very hard. Subhanallah.

Veiled Muslim women can’t work with their veil; they have to be unveiled to go to school, to pass a school exam, to make an identity card in the town hall, they have to be unveiled on the passport photographs, or identity photographs…..

Although we have mosques in France. and can  learn our religion, wearing the veil remains very very very difficult. It’s also very difficult for our husbands to make their prayers on time at work: they have to hide.
It’s also hard for them to find a job if they have a big beard for example, or if they look “arab” because they are categorized <descriminated against>, as you may know.

France has a really big problem with islamic practices. A law exists here which forbids wearing the veil at school. Actually, the government wants to creat a new law, to forbid the muslim women with niqab  from entering government offices and other such buildings such as banks and post offices and even to walk down the street.   It’s a shame! France is really on war against islam, and in particular against  the  veil and niqab.

It’s also very difficult with our families too.Especially for the converted women like me. Our families don’t understand why we are wearing the veil because they have a “French view” of the veil and so it’s a daily battle.

So, it’s a real <struggle> to be a veiled or niqabi muslim woman in France!

But as a paradox, Islam is growing everyday here! A lot of people are beginning to practice Islam little by little. There is a lot of daily conversions too (Jews and Christians who turn to islam, machaAllah).
Al hamdulillah! Al hamdulillah! Al hamdulillah!

“They desire to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths. But Allah refuses to do other than perfect His Light, even though the unbelievers detest it.” (Surat at-Tawba, 32)

I wanted to share this with you all, I had it in my email for over a month, and kept forgetting to put it up, please forgive me, jazakhallakhair to the kind French sister who wrote this for me. Please sisters, say doa’a for this sister and the Muslimaat in France for their struggles to ease, en’shallah.
…note…since the sister who wrote this is not perfectly fluent in English, I had to change a few words and fix some grammatical and spelling mistakes and in some cases I switched up
words or added additional info, where I placed the switched words they are in between  “<>”, but her writing remains 98% same as what she wrote.

..see my Librarian alter-ego popping through…LOL, mashallah.

6 thoughts on “From a French sister…

  1. SubhanAllah… she has to take off hijab for passport photos?? That is really, really horrible.

  2. May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for her and all of our sisters in France, and may He reward them for all of their struggles ameen

  3. Ya ALLAH, please bless our Muslim brothers and sisters in France and grant them sabr and the strength to remain steadfast in their religion. Please let it become easier for them to practice Islam in France, and please soften the hearts of the French administrators so that they may allow France’s citizens to practice their religion freely. Please guide us all to the Straight Path, Ameen!

  4. I feel the pain of French sister, as I’m czech revert and as such I meet the same thing in my country. For passport and civilian photos no hijab (when I travel, all immigration officers see my non-hijabi passport pic), in schools (except universities, and not all of them) no hijab, impossible to find work if you don’t live in capital and even if you do, it’s extremely hard and you’ll get at best a checkpoint job as the tourists doesn’t seem to mind veil as much as natives.
    There’s a national hatred against Muslims and you get dealt with miserably.
    And that’s why I love UK so much, when I left my country to here…

  5. Assalamualaikum, aMay Allah be with us all sisters..honestly I have been considering to work in France, really !
    I couldnt image, I eman this 2010, we are in modern era ? why people still act like that… if it still happening, then I sould re-consider to ge there (although I am only wear jihab)..Thanks sisters…wassalamualaikum

  6. ALLAH grant our brothers an sisters sabr and strength to remain steadfast in their religion in france and all over the world enchaa ALLAH

    “They desire to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths. But Allah refuses to do other than perfect His Light, even though the unbelievers detest it.” (Surat at-Tawba, 32)

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