Brains…where art thou?

This afternoon as dh was driving me back home from my first of 2 root canal sessions (actually wasnt nearly as bad as I imagined, but then again, I got 3 pain killer injections! LOL, I’m a wimp about dental stuff!).

Anywho, as we were driving down the Corniche road when this new-looking red corvet with the hood down with 4 young “shabaab” passes us and then a few seconds later dh grabs my attention and I couldnt imagine what I saw! The driver was STANDING UP in the driving sear and the guy next to him was too while the one guy behind him was taping it with his camera!!! Yes, you heard right…the car was moving FAST and the driver was standing up and they were sorta doing dance moves.

WE sped up to pass them and I looked over and saw the driver actually had his sandal clad foot ON the steering wheel while he was doing this snake-dance thingie, I presume his right foot was on the pedal and his companion had both his feet on the dashboard and was half standing/half sitting.

Needless to say, we sped up and passed them, saying doa’a for our safety.

Brains…where art thou?


3 thoughts on “Brains…where art thou?

  1. That is so incredibly stupid and irresponsible. They’re not only endangering their own lives but everyone else’s as well! Stuff like that makes me sooo angry!

  2. Last I heard, KSA had the highest rate of car accident deaths in the world. In the UAE there was such a high rate of deaths that the school I taught at had a protocol for hospital visits and funerals. Any kind of speed limit or common sense or courtesy was a joke, and while I was there a number of expats were severely injured or killed. Absolutely, totally insane and irresponsible.

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