Spring 2010 abayas feature

I picked up the latest copy of a fun Saudi womans magazine last evening and saw they had a feature on Spring 2010 abaya fashions.

As you will see…the Japanese kimono style abaya and the stretchy crepe sleeved abayaat are huge here right now and are the newest trends.

(fyi, no the stretchy crepe is NOT spandex (heavens forbid!…hahahhaa)…its actually a very lightweight crepe material with a touch of stretch to it, and is very swishy and suitable for abayaat. )


6 thoughts on “Spring 2010 abayas feature

  1. salam umm ibrahim. they are too fashionable for me and i hate those stretchy spandex material. every where in this country, you can see spandex hijabs, spandex jilbab and spandex sleeves (just sleeves worn under short sleeves dresses). i’m so against the new trend but what can i say, many women like them.

    • Um, sis…why do you call the colored material spandex? Its definitely NOT spandex. Its actually a very lightweight crepe material with just a touch of stretch to it, its not spandex though…spandex is usually shiny and very stretchy and form fitting and would NOT be good for an abaya. This stuff is definitely not spandex. I think if you could feel the abayaat made with it, you would like it, its a nice alternative to regular crepe and is extremely breezy and cool and works well for the current wrap/kimono craze.

      also, personally I’m fed up to here with black, black, black…LOL…so the colorful accents add a nice touch, esp when you live here and all you ever see is black, it gets to just be too much and really grates on the nerves.

  2. I love the abaya in the first picture! It is nice to see a little color. Will you be able to get any in that style?

  3. Very pretty, but not something I’d wear, I’d trip on sleeves like that! Or catch fire, or something!

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