Chador-e Maryam (shalee)

There is another new style of “chador” around…it seems like suddenly there is a bout of creativity as far as chadors go. Although I dont really consider this style a chador, its more similar to a baggy shoulder abaya with an attached long shaylah which is worn up over the head, over another scarf. Very lovely…I wonder if I can find any when I go in a few weeks?! en’shallah.

Take a peep…they are also called Chador-e shalee (chador with shaylah (shal))

(picture from MICI)

(Picture from MICI)

(Picture from Mici-Maryam chador for the aroosi namaz-bridal prayer)

little girls in chador-e maryam… hehehe, how cute! mashallah.


17 thoughts on “Chador-e Maryam (shalee)

  1. MashaAllah, that white one looks beautiful, even as a special prayer outfit… I’d love to get it for my MIL as a surprise but she is in KSA so I don’t know how that could work out if you are leaving the country? If we can figure something out regarding that then I’m really interested in getting the white one for her when you go to Iran inshaAllah!

    • really sis, I dont know if I can actually really find one, usually the stuff which you see online is really only available in tehran, where i’m going…I donno…less trickle down effect, we’ll see..but I have a hunch these since they are for the wedding prayer are probably special order or something because normally for the wedding salaat, everyone takes pics of the bride praying her salaat in her new home, so the prayer outfit tends to be quite nice, but we’ll see…

      • are you going back to ksa after your visit to iran? i’m happy to wait, it’s just so beautiful mashaAllah! the purple one is beautiful too actually, hmmm 😀

      • Yes I am, but returning to the USA, no more KSA for us. LOL. Once I get there, lemme look and ask around. if I can find them, I will definitely snap up a few and will put a notice up here when I get back to the US, only downer is, the trickle down effect takes longer outside of Tehran…so we’ll see if I can find them as I wont be in Tehran but in a another city in the central part of the country.

  2. Masha’Allah, those are so pretty! I hope you are able to find a few! I would take any one of them, in any color!

    • yah, when I get there I am going to try to find some of these and the qajari styles ones as well and en’shallah bring them back, I’ll keep you in mind, en;shallah…yah I want one too, esp the teal/turquoise one! How lovely, mashallah…I hope I can find them…

  3. I NEED that white one in my life. I’d love a black one too. If you can make it happen, email me and let’s talk.

    • sorry, I havent the foggiest clue, I havent found any sites with prices listed for these. so really…no idea. but en’shallah if I do find, i’ll bring back some and ofcourse if they r popular, I can ask a relative to mail me some. en’shallah.

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