More styles of chador…

(modeling a variety of their moms and older sisters! mashallah)

I just found this site selling a variety of different chador styles…by chador I don’t mean the traditional kind which is a huge semi-circle, but all the other varieties of overhead overgarment which are in general, called “Chador”. in “Arabi chador” is actually the Khaleeji style batwing overhead, etc etc.

Ii love how the little girls model everything too.

This style is called the Lebanese style-Chador. No clue if thats really a Lebanese style…but thats its nickname.

Batwing abaya with cuffs (aka. the modern batwing)

same as the “modern” style batwing.

Emirate-style chador. (aka, the overhead wrap ‘n snap)

This one is sooo cute…I wonder what shes reaching for Its called “aba’ ‘arabi” (aka…arabic abaya)

A kiddie version of the chador-e arabi,,,made to be appealing to little girls!

Again, I dont recall really seeing any of these styles “ready-made” in shops, but I do know they are/were popular to bring back from Hajj, Omrah and Ziyarat…so I guess these are made from those ones brought back.

NE way, and check out this cute prayer outfit, I actually JUST made one from a Saudi shershaf (huge rectangle used for salaat)…its really comfy and covers all.

Some asked..the pics are from”” its a site all in Farsi. Also due to sanctions its difficult to order items from Iran.


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    • yes but its entirely in Farsi and hard to navigate and you cant order outside of the country, so if you still want, lemme know.

  1. The one of the woman (or child, I can’t tell) holding the pen is more the Lebanese style. There is a big preference for batwings there.

  2. it looks like there is some kind of attachment to the bottom front section of the “chador e namaz” in the very last picture, to hold that section up while providing some coverage…

    • Yes, there is, there is a ribbon which goes around the neck…I just made one with a Saudi shershaf, actually…quite comfy and covers all really well.

  3. I just stumbled upon your site today, and I just wanted to say thank you for this post. To see this kind of stylish design and the persian style of covering has really put my mind at ease for my trip to Iran next year (I’m not Muslim, and before this had little idea what the dress was actually like).

    Thank you.


  4. Salaam alaikom wa rahmatollahi wa barakatoh

    I hope ur doing well, insha Allah.
    Can you please give me the website which you said you wont give out because its in farsi? (i know as u said, they dont send out of iran) but still i want the website please 🙂

  5. wow these chadors are so amazing i so badly want one but i tried to buy it online but cant find any one selling any can u please find out for me if i could get a chador as soon as possible … shukran faghmida

  6. salaams, yup…been there done that, its indeed hard carrying lots of things and a squirmy child while wearing a traditional chador.

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