…another trend that needs to pass away quickly!

…So, Ive decided to not allow any new comments on this post. Frankly, I’m shocked and appalled at the number of nasty comments Ive gotten over this post. It seems that in this time, if you make any comment about how some muslim women are choosing to dress even though it goes against Islamic principles…its like a bunch of angry crazies come at you with sticks…”how dare you say such a thing”…actually, its not ME saying it, every islamic scholar is saying it…infact the scholar that my husband and I follow (but shall remain nameless as I dont want to get sectarian) does indeed say that skirts or pants which show the curves of the body around non-mahrams is indeed not permissible. So as far as “how dare I” goes…um…thats how dare I.  Fashion does NOT trump faith! sorry.

And, I am dismayed at the woman from HH requesting me to remove the pictures, As my usage of them would probably fall under the terms of Fair Use. According to my understanding of its terms.  But, c’est le vie. I suggest she start looking around on other blogs and forums as I see HH pictures everywhere and most people have zero understanding of US Copyright Law..


Leggings/jeggings/skin-tight-peg leggers…please, its time for them to go away and go back to where they belong…UNDER skirts, jilbabs, abayaat or kept for around the house wear when Mahrams are around!

Please no more of this! It looks gross, tacky and all kinds of wrong!

Like this style

Really, they bring new meaning to the term “clothed but naked”…while clothing might be covering her limbs you can still see her figure…thank you western trends which slightly misguided hejab-wearing women adopt and wear in a manner which makes them look ridiculous but which they think makes them look cool, trendy and heavens forbid…definetly NOT of school/FOB-ish.

Ive been gritting my teeth over this trend for awhile, but since they really only became like “uber cool” for the covering sister within the past year, my being here in KSA has sort of tempered my exposure to hejab and jegging wearing women like the above. I do love leggings and esp denim leggings they are exteremely comfortable under an overgarment and many, many Saudi women wear them with funky colored flats and their abayaat. Somtimes you can see the edges of them peep out from the abaya as they walk, sometimes not…but generally, their full effect is tempered and except for the occasional “ho-qabi” who likes to parade around the mall with a perfectly poised niqab, jeggings and abaya wide open showing all their glory or like one I saw yesterday, was sitting on a bench in the mall with her abaya wide open and her jegging covered legs crossed with her high, high heels out for all to see complete with red nail polish while the adjusted her niqab (aka, slipping it up and down for 5 minutes).

But, thats another rant. LOL.

I havent really seen *inrl* too many hejabis running around with such pants as their predominant form of lower body covering. Unfortunately though, from what I see online the trend is EVERYWHERE! I have yet to fully fathom why or even how this trend even started as one would assume that any semi-sane muhajabah woman would realize that, they…uh, DUH do NOT fullfill the requirements for HEJAB! Looking at any Islamic ruling relating to islamically appropriate clothing and modesty will show this!  And yet…if one actually mentions this, on such sites, then they are shot down for being mean or old or uncool.

Um, since when was hejab about being “cool”…Oh wait, I know…when hejab stopped being about showing ones modesty and religious affiliations and respect for God and his laws and instead trying to look like a “good girl” for “baba” and well, cuz all the Egyptian models in some crazy magazines are doing it…and oh, because my friend Samiyah is now wearing it to show the world that shes “proud” of her “background”. Geeze, no wonder such stupid items of attire are so popular now…because hey, it doesnt matter what one is covering their skin with…all that matters is that the hair is perfectyly covered…THAT is hejab.

Um, yaaaaaaaaaaaah…no…those are really stupid reasons to wear hejab! And yet, should anyone dare to mention that such items of clothing do NOT fullfill the requirements for hejab, they are quickly ignored and told basically to sit down, shuttup and move back into the dark.

I understand that maybe some women do not like the idea of wearing a long gown like a jilbab, abaya or manteau…but there are also plents of places which sell long-skirts and wide-legged pants and if one cries “but, I’m poor, all I can afford is Walmart and Rue21” then I say…you can easily find pieces in those stores which will be long and loose and should things really be bad…there is always the mens department of your nearest Goodwill…back in the late 90’s when I was still a teenager and had no income of my own…I loved my extra-tall, old as heck, mens oxford shirts from Goodwill, sure, they were baggy and looked kinda crazy…but I wore them with mens skater jeans and the 2-3 scarves I owned and was well covered and it costed me almost nothing! I also would scoop up anything which was moderatly long and modest…um, maternity tunics, old style denim jumpers…dare I go on…things arent nearly so bad now adays…with just maybe $100-$200 you can get yourself set up with a decent, proper wardrobe from any local H&M, Walmart, Kmart…really anywhere.

I’m kind of going off on a tangent…but bear with me.

It just really makes me sad to see such a blatant disregard for the hejab and what it entails. Okay, maybe some would say, I’m making too much out of it…but, coming from where I’m coming from and the issues and hassles and problems I had in my younger years over my desire to wear it and wear it right, along with being a practicing Muslima..I think I’m 100% justified.

I was recently privy to a rather insane thread on an Islamic discussion board which shall remain nameless…a younger sister inquired whether its OK wear such pants as shown above. I and several other members told her, no…not outside, and the reasoning behind it…but frustratingly…the original poster did NOT believe us, and said she would continue to wear them, regardless of the fact that two of us showed proofs from scholars stating its not allowed.

but, anyway, I’m just really praying for this trend to pass away…I just see it sooo far off the tangent of what is acceptable as far as Islamic dress goes…I donno, maybe I’m too rational…

I wish more of the jegging-is-okay crowd would really sit back and think about what their wearing, why they are wearing it and en’shallah go for something much more appropriate, or heck…just abandon the hejab all together! Why wear it, if you can’t wear it right. (and no, im not aiming this at those who are new to Islam or new to covering and just need guidance…but thats another post)

p.s. did anyone notice my use of “peg-leggers”…dang, i feel old now!


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  1. AS

    I apologize in advance if I am incoherent – have kids crawling on me as I type.

    As a convert of some years, I think the problem is the community defines Muslim legitimacy as sticking a scarf on. I live in a big town and the majority of head covering sisters wear skin tight clothes, be they leggings or skinnies, essentially exactly what you posted above. We have a handful of Shukr hijabis and those with abaya/jilbab but most are the muhajababe variety.

    When I first become Muslim it was all MashAllah – she wears hijab! First and Foremost. Sisters who dressed modestly without the veil were thought of as less compared to a sister with all her parts covered with “hijab”- even if she was in skin tight clothing. Muslims should educate about true Modesty – not either extreme of slapping a veil on whatever your wearing and your good to go – to those who say we are required to be silent and invisible in the public realm. We obsess over hijab but so few understand what it really means. I would much rather sisters wear loose long clothing without a veil and work up to it than simply legitimize themselves by throwing on a scarf. This problem lies with the message the larger community puts out there – in my humble opinion.

    • yes, again, what I was complaining against…unfortunately Ive noticed over the past decade that many sisters are sticking a scarf on simply because it’s either trendy in their community or because they want the community/family to think good of them, regardless of their overall behavior and look. In my old city, I knew a sister who wore tank tops with a headscarf and NOONE said anything, like her family, etc! I mean, c’mon…why bother?

  2. Salamoualeikoum,
    Totally agree with you. Hijab is not a headscarf and i know women who don’t wear headscarves but wear modest outfits and i think it’s the first level before put a scarf on the head.
    To me, being a new hijabie or a convert is not really an excuse because when i converted and decided to wear Hijab, i just bought a little cheap book about Hijab and it was sufficient to know what is and what is not a Hijab…
    My advice: Search the knowledge Before put the Hijab on.

  3. Hey, great post!
    Totally agree with you – skinny jeans/leggings are not only proper hijab but it just looks weird (NOTTTTT stylish) with a headscarf! It also really confuses my English friends :S I don’t wear an Abaya but wideleg jeans and a dress is modest and it can still look chic, so there!
    P.S. Love the blog makeover 😀

    • No, I agree, I dont think one HAS to wear an overgarment per se to be within the guidelines of “islamic attire”…so yah, the wide leggers and tunics is cool too. I’m not trying to be the hejab gestapo (sp?) just rant about a trend that I really, really abhorr and not only confuses non-Muslims but also Muslims as well.

  4. @Anne — I never heard the term “Shukr hijabis” before! hehe I bet that is what I am…. the two long tops I have to wear out are both from Shukr.

    @Aisha — Very true!!! lol

    I must admit that when I first started wearing hijab, I didn’t really get that you had to have LOOSE clothing – I thought your skin just had to be covered. My clothes weren’t particularly tight (so I thought at the time anyway lol), so at first I didn’t realize the problem. But as I understood the requirements of hijab better, I sought out looser and longer clothing to help conceal my figure better. Now I am trying to wear abaya more, because it is easier and cheaper than a whole wardrobe of modest clothing and heck, it just plain looks so classy! :p

    But, now that I know better, it bugs me too that this sort of outfit is being promoted as ‘good hijab’. It makes it even harder for new hijabis to get it right.

    I even know some girls who grew up Muslim and had always worn very modest clothing, and have in the past year or two started dressing like this. I miss how beautiful their outfits always were before!!

    • Spkg of which, I got a rather viscous comment which I chose to delete because it smacks of exactly what I was complaining about…how if you dare to say that a sister wearing such attire is not dressing properly according to Hejab guidelines then people jump down on you to attack you, saying your being a know-it all and, blah blah. Its really, really a shame. What ever happened to enjoying the good and forbidding the evil? Since when was being clothed but showing your bootay off being in hejab? I def. was NOT talking about new converts or those new to hejab who dont understand…Im talking about those who KNOW yet choose to ignore it for the sake of being trendy or getting attention from both men and women.

  5. I think in my town the Muslim girls who wear these pants aren’t hijabis.

    for me though, even more than the pants issue is the skin-tight top and not bringing the khimar over the chest. Which is commanded in the Qur’an. IF I CAN TELL WHAT YOUR CUP SIZE IS, IT IS NOT HIJAB!!!

    • When I first started wearing hijab, I did wear really tight tops, jeans, and short headscarfs (the al-Amira ones that don’t reach the chest). I figured that at least I was wearing long sleeves and pants and covering my hair, so it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t know when the transition actually happened, but Alhamdulillah now my shirts are looser and longer, my pants are much looser, I’ve taken to wearing skirts and jilbabs mostly (at least when I’m at school and when I’m not around my family), and all my khimars are long enough to cover all my chest (this is especially important to me because it is clearly spelled out in the Qur’an, whereas other hijab rules are a bit more open to interpretation).

      Nevertheless, even though I agree that this is not proper hijab, I generally try to avoid calling people out on it, especially strangers. I have no idea what their situations and thought processes are, so I think it’s best to give people the benefit of the doubt. Even when I do mention (to people that I know well) that their hijab is a bit off, I try to do it as non-confrontational as possible, rather I would say something like, “I think that your jeans are kind of tight, maybe you want to pick something else to wear, just a thought.” If there is something not right about my hijab, I would want people to tell me, but in a gentle, non-“haram police” way.

  6. Just wanted to add, I’m on vacation and currently in Berlin at the moment, staying in Kreuzberg, which is a Turkish, yet gentrified, ‘hood, and am seeing girls rockin that fist style ALL OVER THE PLACE!

  7. Well said sis. I so wish the skinny jeans trend would die out, and NOT just for the Muslimas 😦 Our Imam said it best in one of his khutbahs to the young recently reverted and general Muslima populations “sisters, if you are not sure about hijab cover your bodies first, and let the head scarf come later”.

  8. I think a lot of sisters think that if something is permissible to be worn outside; then it is permissible to be worn outside whatever form or fashion it may take, so if wide legged trousers are permissible according to what they follow; they automatically assume skinny jeans are as well. Same with sleeves; a lot of sisters seem to think if a 3/4 length or even short sleeve is the fashion; as long as its a sleeve of some variety or description; its ok. You also get a proliferation of those tight, nylon lycra body tops that seem to have originated in Egypt; being worn under strapless dresses, tank tops etc; not only are these tops so butt tight you may as well not wear anything under these things but it looks like an oven in there. I’ve never got why the sisters think its more freeing and cooler to wear up to 4 layers of tight fitting, synthetic clothing, than a simple overgarment over one layer of nice simple loose fitting clothing in natural fibres.

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