Traditional garments of modern Saudi Arabia…

Although most people think that the traditional dress of the Penninsula’s women has always been the black abaya and black shaylah, this is really not true at all! Take a peep at the website of the Mansoojat Foundation to be educated about the traditional items of clothing worn by the various tribes, regions, towns and villages of pre-modern Saudi Arabia.

Personally, I am really weeping the loss of these traditional forms of clothing, you really just do not see them anymore! (but again, thats typical around the world). Its truly a boon that this foundation was put together to preserve traditions which few know about.


One thought on “Traditional garments of modern Saudi Arabia…

  1. In the UAE I got a wonderful big old book, probably out of print now, about the pre-KSA costumes of the Arabian Peninsula. The book is in my office, but if anyone is interested, Insha’Allah, I can get the title and author. I was really surprised by all the colors and by the wide variety of traditional styles. Masha’Allah, there is renewed interest in the traditional clothes.

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