World Cup abayaat…

**If you use one of these pictures…please make sure to give a citation stating you got it from my blog…jazakhallakhair…ive been seeing these pics everywhere!!! **

I saw these in a recent issue of a popular Saudi womans magazine.

The elusive and much discussed “World Cup” abayaat…of course there are innumerable versions. Not exactly my cuppa shay, but the pics give a good idea of the general abaya cuts popular now…of course all in the stretchy crepe material.

ahhh…i love jersey abayaat…


3 thoughts on “World Cup abayaat…

  1. OMG! I want an Italian soccer abaya!!!!!!! And whle everyone reading this may think I am being sarcastic, I am sure YOU know I am serious!!!! Can you imagine me wearing that to some huge gathering my family has???? it would be soooo amazing!lol

  2. I would love to get one for Korea, even though Korea is out of the running now. They are just cute. And, Insha’Allah, I could wear it every four years! LOL

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