Packing, shopping, apartment flooding…you know, the usual

dang, and I thought our move here was dramatic. Nope. this has to be far more dramatic!

So, where to begin? well…we leave in just a few days! I was busy the past few evenings packing up everything we don’t immediately need with us during our 2 weeks in Iran into many, many bags to be shipped off as air-cargo back to the US. Airport-to-airport. Then of course trying to finish buying gifts for relatives (Thank you Ramiz and Arabian Oud for making this an easier experience. LOL) and  last minute trying to get stuff for our own selves. I put off getting several abayaat and skirts altered until the last minute so Ive been dashing down to the ladies suq to get them altered. On the more mundane end, its actually hard leaving this country! There is a lot of paperwork that has to be signed, accounts need to be closed and a lot more paperwork gathered up such as exit visas and soforth! It takes a really long time getting everything together because things run much slower here and everywhere is closed in the middle of the day, so on top of that there was stuff relating to dh leaving his place of employment (more paperwork and more paperwork and more paperwork!).Hence, we are quite stressed out. We finally got our tickets last evening, but there was an issue with authorization to get the tickets from dh’s place of employment so he’s going this morning to complete that.

On the apartment front…last week our hot water heater managed to explode and flood our apartment! I had gone next door to hang out with my friend while my son played with her kids (like we would do almost daily around noon!), and I needed to dash back into my apartment to get something to show her, I walked in and the apartments floors were covered with water. I was really creeped out, like…um…where did this water come from? Whats going on! (cue horror movie music!), so I ran back to my friend and had her come over, we walked around trying to discover the mysterious source of the water and upon opening one of the closets where the hot water heater is kept, I was met with a blast of hot white steam and water spewing everywhere! I threw on my abaya and ran down to the managers office and screamed for him to get someone up to our apartment to stop the water….not just because of the hazard from thew water heater but also because I had a lot of stuff in piles on the floors for packing up. The water already drenched our suitcases…the last thing I needed was it to drench our books and clothing! Ofcourse the manager did NOT understand me and thought I had gone insane or something so I dashed back and brought my friends daughter back with me who told the manager in Arabic what had happened. Alhamdullah, it ended up being taken care of…but then 2 days later we got a notice that the compound would start turning off power/water from 9am until 2 am (yes, the hottest part of thew day!) for a week and a half. This has meant Ive only been able to pack/clean at night as we must keep all the curtains tightly shut to keep as much cool air in as we can, and by 1pm it invariably gets so hot, you can’t stand it anyway.

wow, fun times! But, I’m looking forward to one weeks “vacation” in Shiraz and then another week at our house in another area of the country. Shiraz is a really incredible city and both dh and I are seriously excited to finally be able to see it! Many historical sights are nearby and the city itself is rich with history and played a huge role in Persian culture and literature/art…I found this nice page about Shiraz in a nutshell, if your curious, do take a peep.

After Iran, we are doing a long-haul flight from Bahrain back to the US…I dont mind the crazy long flight as it’s better than being stuck doing a lay over in Europe somewhere with a 3 1/2 yr old. So, here we come long-haul flight. LOL.

so anyway, I dont think I will be updating this blog until I am back in the US and settled, so en’shallah sometime around Ramadan. Please keep us in your doa’at for our traveling and everything.


2 thoughts on “Packing, shopping, apartment flooding…you know, the usual

  1. Salam sister!
    i hope you have a great trip inshallah and that you reach the US safely, i really love your blog(stumbled inot it yesterday) and i wish you a happy journey.


  2. Insha’Allah, not anything got soaked! I had one of my water heaters blow out in the morning just when I was leaving for work. I turned the faucet off, slightly scalding myself, stuck a big pan under it and a ton of towels and ran out the door. I suspect that many simply aren’t installed properly. Alhamdu’Allah, you weren’t hurt when you opened the closet door!

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