A hijabi is spoilt for choice these days…

I’m rather surprised at how much of whats being sold these days is extremely hejabi friendly. Its rather a shocker. I was in Saudi for a year  (as you all know…LOL) so was enveloped in the styles and trends which are made for the Gulf/Middle Eastern Market and I remember thinking rather smuggly…haha…here the western stores sell clothing which is uber hejabi worthy, yet in the US, those same shops wont have anything (cept for maybe some maxi dresses)! Erm, or something along those lines.

Since fall is coming and the morning have become quite nippy, we went to buy some appropriate attire and thankfully there is a huge, outlet shopping mall extremely close to the town we are currently calling home. To say, I really felt so spoilt for choice is an understatement! It was such a nice feeling. FINALLY hejabi worthy attire has trickled down to the masses!!

I’m used to hejabi friendly clothing being… (remember, i’m “old school”)…either overgarments from the Middle East, Shukr or if your really lucky, you find a long tunic somewhere (but forget finding anything else).

Even with my budget (ah, the joys of not having a job yet! argh) I was able to stock up on some really nice items. Since I own a lot of abayaat and a lot of tunics and wide legged pants from Shukr (aka, my “work” clothing) I focused on getting some longer length shirts and some longer style cardigans/sweaters. In practically every shop I went into I saw a plethora of very nice, long, modest shirts, tunics, cardigans, jackets, sweaters…etc, etc. I didnt see any skirts (but thats typical) and oddly, almost noone had wide-legged jeans (everywhere was skinny jeans or jeggings, quite the contrast eh, thou skinnies can be hejabified and worn IF DONE right and extremely carefully (see future post).

I stuck to neutral/somber tones as thats the easiest to mix/match and went for lighter weight items. Its not cold here yet (just a tad nipping in the morning/night) and well, that doesnt warrant a hoodie in my world yet), and what I got, I got in a size larger than my real size so they are nice and modest AND suitable for layering. Everything I got works well with my pants from Shukr or with the skirts I brought back from Saudi. Since I generally dont wear ‘regular’ pants outside and about (unless they are under a abaya or a jilbab) , if I do wear pants out, I pretty much just wear my pants from Shukr. They are huge and very hejabi and many people actually think they are skirts. So a thigh or knee length shirt works well with those as everything is well covered up anyway.

Anyway, heres some pics of one outfit I put together.Pardon the fuzzy webcam pics. Oh, I also got a rather updated “funky” pair of Mary Janes with a very low wedge heel (I dont do “real” heels perse, but since I’m short, I’m not averse wedgies and low heels), they go perfect with the shirts I got and will work well with a skirt/pant or abaya/jilbab.


This ensemble is composed of my dark denim washed Shukr Lengha jeans, a long taupe colored cardie from Gap, a longer length teeshirt with a flouncy hem also from the gap and a really favorite shaylah which I bought in Saudi. It says Butterfly on it and pretty much goes with everything. I daresay, it is a very “Librarian-ish” ensemble…eh?

ah, these be fun times…fashion wise. I say, stock up now…cuz who knows whether this trend will continue into next year!


6 thoughts on “A hijabi is spoilt for choice these days…

  1. How do pants and long tunics look with niqab?

    You can get custom made tunics(and other things) at this Islamic store. You choose the style, color, fabric, bust/waist/hips and length.

    The owner does EXCELLENT work at great prices and free shipping! It can take 6-8 weeks to receive your order, but mine has never taken longer then a month – well worth the wait!

    She is VERY fast at replying to emails too. Sometimes within just minutes!

    It’s located in Phila. PA.

    Love Unspoken – Tops

    Love Unspoken – Home

    • Hmmm…I could imagine maybe a 3/4th length long tunic and baggy pants being niqab-worthy, like a 3/4th tunic and wide legged pants, like the lengha pants from Shukr…as its almost like a jilbab or an abaya…that would, I think look decent. But, I tend to imagine niqabis as solely jilbab or abaya wearers…so I donno. Ive seen sisters in skirts, knee or thigh length tunics and niqab and to me, it looks
      “off”…but again, just moi.

      yes I know of LoveUnspoken. I had a burgundy jilbab from her like 4 years ago…def nice and its great she runs it from home and makes everything her self. I should add her to my links…

  2. i love ur hijab. n ur outfit loooks cool. n ur wedges look so CUTE!! mashaallah
    bdw i’ve been reading ur blog for quite long n this is my 1st time writing a comment.


  3. I have those same jeans from Shukr! They are very comfy and definitely easy to be fully covered in. I was chuckling to myself just today because my entier outfit came from “regular” discount stores. My skirt and scarf from Wal-Mart (where I rarely shop but did while out of state visiting family and found 2 long modest skirts), My top from my lil’ sis who bought it from Family Dollar (!!) and shoes from the Avenue. Hurray for hijab friendly clothing.

  4. I LOVE those shoes. You and I have very similar taste, I would totally put an outfit like that together. BTW the abaya I ordered from you gets so many compliments. Women who don’t even wear hijab stop me and ask where they can get one! It flows so beautifully, I feel like a queen when I wear it.

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